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Astrophotography Weekend Fun at Baker Lodge

For the second weekend in August, the photography and naturalists committees teamed up for a weekend of events at Baker Lodge. We used the great opportunity to share our love of the outdoors together and develop an enhanced sense of connection. And to take in the Perseid Meteor showers - or so we hoped! Read more…

Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - June 2018

Name: Erwin Buske
Hometown: Fairwood, Washington
Member Since: 1995
Occupation: Erwin Buske Photography & Procurement Cost Analysis Consulting Read more…

New Photography Speaker Series - Behind the Shot

We are launching a new photo presentation series to celebrate the extraordinary photography adventures our Mountaineers members have experienced around the world. We’re hosting four presentations in the next year to share photos, videos, and storytelling from the photographers among us, and we invite you to send us your stories! Read more…

Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - May 2018

Name: William Francis Butler Jr.
Hometown: Seattle - Ballard
Member Since: 1999
Occupation: Retired School Administrator
Favorite Things to Photograph: Sunsets, especially when something makes them extra interesting. Objects, like backlit Joshua Trees and flowers. Read more…

Photography Scavenger Hunt on the Bremerton Waterfront

Six of us ventured to the Bremerton Waterfront on Sunday, March 26, for a photography scavenger hunt. The weather was wonderful, blue skies with interesting clouds, not too hot and not too cold...perfect weather for being outside! Read more…

Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - April 2018

Name: Steve Johnson
Hometown: Urbana, IL
Member Since: 1986
Occupation: Retired Cartographer, Graphics Supervisor, GIS Manager
Favorite Things to Photograph: Cultural and natural landscapes, Travel, Waterblurs, Nature, Urban Form Read more…

Join Us For A Spring Photography Field Trip To See Your Favorite Places In A New Way

You can capture the magic of nature right in your own backyard. Join us this spring for field trips with our Seattle Photography Committee to explore a city lake, the waterfront, downtown, a ghost town, see migratory birds, and more! Read more…

Introducing Photography Workshops: Master Landscapes, Close-Ups, and Street Scenes

The Seattle branch Photography Committee has three workshops coming up between now through May, two of them brand new! Join us to learn how to  master landscapes, close-ups, and street scenes. Read more…

Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - March 2018

Name: Harry F Higgins
Hometown: Sumner, WA
Member Since: 1998
Occupation: Civil Legal Aid Paralegal; Professional Photographer
Favorite Things to Photograph: Architecture, Nature, Abstracts Read more…

Upcoming Photography Classes

Get to know your camera better and learn new skills!  The Seattle Branch Photography Committee is offering photography workshops during the first half of 2018 to help you capture your adventures and savor them later. Read more…