Seattle Urban Walk Committee

Seattle Urban Walk Committee

Seattle Urban Walk Committee offers scores of walks in the urban/suburban area. We walk in parks and greenbelts, along city streets, and seek to better understand and protect our cultural and natural heritage.

Why Urban Walks? Scores of Mountaineers Urban Walks are led each year although some are yet labeled “Day Hikes” and others “Urban Adventures.” Urban Adventures are less than 2 miles while Urban Walks are 2 or more miles, within the urban/suburban shadow, have good cell reception and reliable emergency responder access/ egress. Urban Walks have Clubwide standards and an Activity Council Charter (2023).

 Where is the urban/back country line? Each branch decides where to designate urban/suburban vs. backcountry outings. Seattle and Foothills declare the Issaquah Alps Day Hikes. But St Edward and Salt Water State Parks are Urban Walks.

Different Safety Skills? Pedestrian safety is paramount as fatalities have increased nationwide in recent years. Parties stay intact with a lead and sweep, not dispersed. Headlamps are required at night. Leaders research local data about crime or homeless camps. Footwear choice can be critical in Greenbelts.

Are they all “walks in the park?” Many are. But guidebooks like Urban Trials Seattle, Seattle Walks, and Seattle Stairways Walks suggest unique routes. Seattle explores P-Patches, the CD and Chinatown ID, sunsets, really long walks (>20 miles), stairways conditioners, walks for seniors... Naturalists and photographers lead intense urban walks.

Urban Adventures? Urban Adventures  (excursions less than 2 miles) are not managed by Seattle Urban Walk Committee.