Photography Scavenger Hunt on the Bremerton Waterfront

Sometimes, getting outside in nice weather can be just as fun as a long hike!
Anita Elder Anita Elder
April 07, 2018

Six of us ventured to the Bremerton Waterfront on Sunday, March 26, for a photography scavenger hunt. The weather was wonderful, blue skies with interesting clouds, not too hot and not too cold...perfect weather for being outside!

While some only stayed about two hours, I stayed until the 3pm ferry back to Seattle. According to my Fitbit, I walked almost 5 1/2 miles -- not bad for an urban location!

I racked up a lot of that mileage walking to the Kitsap 9-11 Memorial. This memorial used two twisted beams that came from the twin towers in New York City. It also had a corner stone from the Pentagon. A short wall contained tiles that had been decorated by kids, honoring the heroes of this momentous event.

Each of us were given a list of 15 things to find and photograph. Below are our interpretation of the items in pictures.

1. Motion Blur

 Joggers by Anne Smart


2. Wings

Flying Pig by Anita L. Elder


3. Sky

Sky filled with Old Glory by Anita L. Elder


By Jennifer Lathrop


4. Propeller

by Jennifer Lathrop


by Anita L. Elder


5. Lines (leading, zigzag, curvy, etc.)

Leading lines (stairs) by Anita L. Elder


6. Water (drops, splashes, running)

Drinking fountain by Anita L. Elder


7. Announcements

No Smoking by Anita L. Elder


Party Announcement on Balloons by Jennifer Lathrop


8. Empty Space

Empty Space Between Artwork by Anita L. Elder


9. Windows To The World

 by Jennifer Lathrop


10. People Movers

WA State Ferry by Anita L. Elder


11. Twisted

Kitsap 9-11 Memorial by Anita L. Elder


photo by Karen Zupke


12. Umbrella

 by Jennifer Lathrop

13. A Sailor

Nobody got this one...guess all the sailors were out to sea or out of uniform.

14. Reflection

Water Fountain Park by Anita L. Elder


photo by Karen Zupke


15. Circular

Bremerton Story by Anita L. Elder

photo by Karen Zupke


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