Conservation Education

Conservation Education

We provide outdoor enthusiasts knowledge and tools to help protect our public lands and the outdoor experience.

As a more than 117-year-old outdoor education organization, we know knowledge is the foundation of a recreationist's love for public lands. Our conservation education creates backcountry stewards and conservation champions. Our conservation education resources span a range of mediums including books, films, and hands-on instruction. By educating recreationists about conservation, we can build a community of stewards and advocates to protect public lands and the outdoor experience for future generations.

Conservation eLearning Courses

LIR image for conservation education page..jpgeLearning plays an important role in our community's  efforts to teach and learn outdoor skills. Our three      conservation eLearning courses - Low impact Recreation, Public Lands 101, and Advocacy 101 - will give you the tools you need to tread lightly on the landscape, understand how different types of federal public lands are managed, and go from an outdoor enthusiast to an outdoor advocate. These courses can be taken online, at any time, and at your own pace. Interested in incorporating these conservation eLearning courses into your Mountaineers programs and activities but don't know where to start? Email our staff at

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CONSERVATION BLOG And e-newsletter

20170826-IMG_9327-Chiwawa Mountain (2).jpgOur conservation blog is a great way to stay up-to-date on current  issues. Learn about matters affecting our outdoor recreation community and how you can get involved. Get started by learning the basics of conservation and advocacy with our Conservation 101 blog series. Want to receive these updates via email? Sign up for our monthly Conservation Currents newsletter. 

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012 smartmccord.jpgThrough our publishing division Mountaineers Books, we've published nearly a thousand books, including guidebooks, how-to books, conservation titles, and adventure narratives. Read our guide and how-to books to learn about responsible recreation habits and leave-no-trace skills. Explore the stories from our conservation imprint Braided River to learn about some of our last wild landscapes under threat, and how changing perspectives can begin with a book

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Conservation Events and Webinars

50th_wilderness_act_Photo by Richard Lawrence_300X300.jpg We educate our community about conservation issues through virtual and in-person events. Past events include a 2014 celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act (shown) and our 2022 Virtual Conservation & Advocacy Town Hall. Our branch conservation and stewardship committees regularly offer both online and in-person events as well.

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