Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - Aug 2017

Barbara Retelle is the featured member of the month for the Seattle Photography Committee in August 2017.
Anita Elder Anita Elder
Seattle Photography Committee Chair
August 02, 2017
Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - Aug 2017

Name: Barbara Retelle
Hometown: Originally from Tiburon, California, now in Maple Valley, Washington
Member Since: 2001
Occupation: Retired

Barbara got involved with The Mountaineers Photography Committee when she was looking for people who loved outdoor activities and photography. Seasonal changes, outside lighting, and the love of being outside in the Natural World all motivate her.

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Barbara's favorite memory from a Mountaineers activity or class was spending time with the friendly people who love to share their photos and knowledge of photography, good potluck dinners, and outdoor field trips.

She gets her inspiration from John Muir and Ansel Adams, as well as the many other people who write, paint, create music, and get out and enjoy the Natural Wonders of the World. Barbara's father, who also loved taking photos and gave her (at the age of 10) a first camera, started her out with her love of photography.

Barbara's photos have been featured in newsletters, magazines, art shows, and have won a few awards. Her latest award was a judges award for a Barn Print (included with this article) at the July 2017 Rainier Hills Photo Club meeting.

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When asked her strength when it comes to photography, Barbara said, "Being observant and recording what I see with my camera. I hope that my photos help others to appreciate the wonders and beauty of the world in a new or different way."

IMG_5378.1 ©.jpgBarbara doesn't consider herself a leader or a follower. She just hopes her photos can help to inspire others to appreciate the Natural Wonders of being in a world that has so much to offer us.