The Mountaineers offers scholarships to decrease barriers to our programs as part of our commitment to providing outdoor opportunities for all. We believe all people should have access to and feel belonging in the outdoors, regardless of financial means. 

Scholarships are primarily awarded based on financial barriers and the benefit(s) your participation would provide to you and your community. Specifically, we are evaluating each applicant's demonstrated financial need, personal identity and experiences, and personal and community benefit, all in alignment with our core values of advocacy, adventure, community, education, and volunteerism. Note: scholarships CANNOT be retroactively applied (and, in the case that a course/program requires an application, you will need to be accepted into the course/application before using a scholarship). 

We also recognize that individuals from historically excluded identities face more barriers to accessing the outdoors, especially members of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and Person of Color) and LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and/or Queer) communities, among others, who may face additional systemic, structural, and cultural barriers. For these reasons, we prioritize members of these groups in awarding scholarships. 

Preference is also given to individuals who show a commitment to giving back to the outdoor community, either within The Mountaineers or beyond. All of our courses and activities are led by volunteers, and we are a community built around the idea of paying it forward.

We encourage you to visit our Scholarship FAQ before applying.

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We are confident that the members of our community are people of strong character and integrity, and we trust that applicants will ask only for what they need. Improper use of scholarships may result in suspension of your participation.

group and organization scholarships

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Leadership Development Fund Support

Each year, The Mountaineers designates funds to support the professional growth of our leaders.  The LDF supports individual volunteer trip leaders, course instructors, and other volunteer leadership’s attendance at conferences, workshops, courses, and programs with other organizations. The LDF allows us to provide our volunteers with valuable opportunities beyond the programming offered at The Mountaineers. It is primarily available for volunteers to attend trainings with external organizations. Learn more.

The map Scholarship fund

The Mountaineers Access Program (MAP) is a scholarship fund that subsidizes individuals or groups who otherwise would not be able to afford The Mountaineers programs.

MAP is made possible by generous contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations, including the REI Foundation, Treeline Foundation, and Bradley Foundation. We count on these donations from our members and partners to fulfill this very important part of our mission.

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