Leader Resources

Leader Resources

This page is intended to provide answers to 95% of the questions that a Mountaineers volunteer might have about supporting the organization. It contains "how-to" guides for common website questions, links to forms, and information about policies and procedures - as well as other helpful information for activity and course leaders, committees, and branches.

covid-19 response guidance for leaders

Check our COVID-19 blog frequently for updated guidance on proceeding with or canceling/postponing trips, events, and courses.

Covid-19 Response Page

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Leader Permissions & Benefits

There are many different types of leadership at The Mountaineers, but generally speaking, the term "leader" refers to a member who has been approved by a committee to lead one of our club sponsored activities. Most committees award Leader Badges to recognize and acknowledge their leaders.

If you've been approved by a committee to be a primary leader, you'll notice some additional permissions and benefits on our website. These items are described in detail throughout this Leader Resources page.

Summary of Leader Permissions & Benefits

Activities, Courses, and Events

We're going digital! As The Mountaineers moves more of our programming online, check out these resources for specific considerations related to creating and scheduling virtual content.

For a basic overview of our activity, course, clinic, seminar, event, and lodge stay structure, please visit our Schedule & Manage page.

How to:

posting and managing WEBSITE CONTENT 

Please follow The Mountaineers Publications Style Guide when posting or managing any content on the website.

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Is your course or committee using a Facebook (or other social media) group as a way to stay connected? Check out our Social Media Moderator Guidelines.

Recording Volunteer Hours

Volunteer hours are associated with activities, events, and lodge stays. They may be entered in bulk or  you may select specific individuals and attribute specific hours based on that member's contribution. Members can also add volunteer hours that aren't captured elsewhere, such as course or committee admin work.

Quick Links:

  • View all of your volunteer hours and record hours that haven't been captured elsewhere on the "My Volunteer Hours" section of your My Profile page.
  • Learn more about recording volunteer hours on our Recording Volunteer Hours page.


The Financial Policies, Procedures, and Forms folder contains financial and policy-related forms for our volunteers, leaders, and contractors.

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Safety guidance, harassment, and Problem Behavior

Please visit the Safety Committee page for complete information about our safety programs and procedures. 

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Like all organizations, we have rules that guide our collective efforts. Please visit the Board Policies page for detailed information about our guiding principles.


For basic information to manage your branch or committee, please visit the Branch & Committees How-To page. For additional resources, please visit the Branch and Committee Administration page. 

Please use the Committee Chair Directory to search for your branch or committee chair.

Leadership Development

Resource Center

The Mountaineers hopes to inspire the ongoing growth of our programs through various leadership development opportunities. Please browse past presentation materials and recordings for additional information and ideas in our Resource Center!

Leadership Conference

The Mountaineers Leadership Conference is a one-day conference  at the Seattle Program Center in Magnuson Park. The program includes both esteemed outdoor professionals and seasoned leaders from our own community at The Mountaineers. A series of interactive sessions explores the many facets of leadership – from honing our decision-making skills, to pedagogy and better teaching, to the "soft-skills" of facilitating positive group dynamics.

The Leadership Conference is an annual event, typically held on the first Saturday in December. Registration opens mid-September. Please keep an eye on our activity calendars and email info@mountaineers.org with any questions!

Leadership Development Series

The Mountaineers is excited to offer an ongoing Leadership Development Series to provide high-quality, continuing education opportunities for our volunteer leaders. Starting in February 2019, The Mountaineers is offering a series of standalone seminars to cover a wide variety of leadership topics. Sessions will be planned in the fall, winter, and spring of each year.


Have an idea for a presentation? Please contact info@mountaineers.org.

Leadership Development Fund

Each year, The Mountaineers designates funds to support the professional growth of our leaders. These funds are made available to individual leaders – as well as small groups of leaders – to support their attendance at conferences, workshops, courses, and other programs that are relevant to their volunteer leadership. Read more about the Leadership Development Fund and apply for a grant!


The Mountaineers has compiled various resources to help with planning your activities and courses on local, state, and federal lands.

Information about applicable permitting is also available in individual Routes & Places listings.

Essential Eligibility Criteria (EEC) & Service Animal Policy

In May 2019, The Mountaineers Board of Directors approved two new documents to help prospective participants navigate their ability to participate in our programs. Visit our Essential Eligibility Criteria & Service Animal Policy page for more information!

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Leader Lines is a monthly newsletter specifically curated for The Mountaineers' leaders!

Quick Links:

  • Not receiving LeaderLines? Visit your My Profile page and select "My Preferences" to opt into the Leader Lines newsletter.
  • Browse past issues of LeaderLines in the LeaderLines Archive.
  • Have an article, blog post, or leadership opportunity for an upcoming edition of LeaderLines? Email info@mountaineers.org to share your idea!

Shared activity RESOURCES

Our Shared Activity Resources folder is place where our leaders can share materials (and view resources shared by others) relevant to specific activities or programs.

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Learn about getting involved with our Youth Programs.


As a part of the Progressive Climbing Education initiative, The Mountaineers is investing in eLearning to complement our existing courses. Our goal is to work with all of our branches to create meaningful, engaging, and high quality eLearning lessons that will benefit current and future Mountaineers for years to come! Read more on the eLearning Information Hub and in our blog.

It is our sincere hope that our leaders will join us as an eLearning volunteer to be a part of these efforts. We need your help, expertise, and ideas! By completing the following forms, you can submit your ideas for new courses or sign up for our volunteer roster.

Become a leader

Are you interested in becoming a leader for The Mountaineers? Please visit the following pages for additional information or get in touch with Member Services!

Create A Badge

Do you need to have a badge created? Volunteers can follow the process in our badge creation requests page to get a new badge made. 


Can't find what you're looking for or need some additional assistance? Contact our Member Services Team at  or 206-521-6001.


Tell us about it! Log on to feedback.mountaineers.org, our feedback and help desk system powered by UserVoice. It's for everyone – all of our volunteers, leaders, members and guests – to add, review, comment on, and vote for ideas. This helps us prioritize future projects with your ideas in mind!