Open Volunteer Positions

Open Volunteer Positions

This is a list and description of open volunteer positions within the Seattle Photography Committee

The following positions are open and ready to be filled by volunteers. If you are interested in filling one of them, please contact Leilani Cramer at 


The publicity/marketing coordinator attends board meetings and updating committee on PR activities, ensuring that outside agencies (libraries, camera clubs, camera shops, etc.) receive information about upcoming committee events such as the Basic Photography Course (BPC), seminars, special events, etc.

Greets new guests at photography events. The volunteer also visits local camera and other clubs to make them aware of our classes and activities.


The volunteer coordinator works with the team leads and is in charge of ensuring the committee has enough volunteers to help with classes/workshops and lecture/speaker events to cover the sign-in table, set-up of the room, audio/visual, and other things needed to make these events a success.