Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - Oct 2017

Doug Schurman is the Seattle Photography Committee featured member for October 2017.
Anita Elder Anita Elder
Seattle Photography Committee Chair
September 28, 2017
Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - Oct 2017

Name: Doug Schurman
Hometown: Woodland, WA
Member Since: 1993
Occupation: Finance Director
Favorite Things to Photograph: Birds

In spring of 2010, Doug's daughter Brooke wanted to decorate a bird house for the birds. Doug knew nothing about birds but soon had feeders, waters, and birds coming to the yard every. At about that same time his wife, Courtenay,  purchased the family's first DSLR for The Mountaineers Basic Photography Class. Something clicked in his head and he picked up that camera and started photographing birds.

Editor's Note: Courtenay is a well-known Mountaineer in her own right, sharing her fitness tips with us in Mountaineer magazine each quarter. Learn more about Courtenay in her member profile feature from July 2017.


Doug knew nothing about birds or photography. The following year, he took The Mountaineers Basic Photography class to get a better overall understanding of photography.

I love to observe wildlife and their natural behaviors. Birds are a great subject since they are everywhere.

Doug's favorite memory was his first stay at The Mountaineers' Baker Lodge just last month. The photography committee invited all members to stay at the Lodge, so the whole family went. He had a fantastic time with this new experience.


Having a rare bird show up in Washington inspires Doug to try to see that bird and come home with the best photo(s) of that bird.

Note from Anita: his bird photos are so good, he's my favorite bird photographer!


Doug's photography skills have earned him lots of awards...first place in BIRDS AS ART 2nd International Bird Photography Competition in 2014 and over 40 photos published in five books!


Bird photography involves a lot of various skills and knowledge. Dough thinks his strength is being able to bring all those together in an environment where split second decisions are required to get the best shot. He also has lots of patience to sit and wait for that perfect shot.

When asked if he is a follower or a leader, Doug says, "Generally neither. I usually like to find my own path."

Since joining The Mountaineers, Doug has been the Seattle Branch treasurer from 2008-2012. Besides the photography committee, Doug is also a climb leader for the climbing committee.

Additional note from Anita: I'm hoping to wear Doug down and get him to agree to do a presentation about his "Big Year" where he saw and photographed close to 400 birds in WA state. If this would interest you, post a reply and help me convince him. [wink]

You can see more of Doug's fantastic photos on Flickr.

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Anita Elder
Anita Elder says:
Sep 29, 2017 10:08 AM

I want to see a presentation of your Big Year!!