Seattle Photography Committee

Seattle Photography Committee

The Photography Committee encourages members to develop their photographic skills and creative visions through various activities and programs offered throughout the year. Monthly potlucks are held the third Wednesday of each month. It's a opportunity to socialize and share images. We also have classes and field trips.

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Our monthly potluck and slideshow social events are held at the Seattle clubhouse at Magnuson Park on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. You can find the dates on the club calendar. Guest are always welcome!

If you wish to share photos at the potlucks, you may share up to 8 images. Each image should be 72 dpi and roughly 1440 x 1080 pixels. Bring your images on a thumb drive for transfer to the club computer. Instead of 8 images, you have the option of bringing a 90 second slideshow with music.

If you wish to present a longer ProShow (slideshow) with music, they must be under five minutes in duration. To get on the schedule, contact Bruce Savadow (contact info above).

Photo by Char Davies

Social Media

Location Ideas

We have a long list of places to take photographs to give you ideas.

Photography Competitions

The links below will take you to the main website, but you need to search the site to find the latest competition (the URL changes each year).