Introducing Photography Workshops: Master Landscapes, Close-Ups, and Street Scenes

We have three photography workshops coming up to help you better capture landscapes, micro/close-up shots, and street scenes. Register today!
Anita Elder Anita Elder
Seattle Photography Committee Chair
March 05, 2018
Introducing Photography Workshops: Master Landscapes, Close-Ups, and Street Scenes

The Seattle branch Photography Committee has three workshops coming up between now through May, two of them brand new! Join us to learn how to  master landscapes, close-ups, and street scenes.

Landscape Photography

Workshop - March 10, 2018
Photo Critique - March 26, 2018

Whether you are an experienced photographer or just getting started, the amazing landscape photographs you see have all got a few things in common. The reality of landscape photography is that not only are you reliant on your own ability and skill of seeing and composing an image, but also on Mother Nature. But regardless of whatever weather you encounter, there are countless opportunities to be able to capture spectacular landscape photographs.

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Macro & Close-Up Photography

Workshop - April 14, 2018
Photo Critique - April 24, 2018

This class is for all students who want to go beyond the basics of beginning photography and discover the world of close-up and macro photography techniques.

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Street Photography

Workshop - May 5, 2018
Photo Critique - May 24, 2018

This is an introductory to intermediate class on the genre known as street photography.  It will begin with basic definitions and explore variations based on the work of several current and historic practitioners, discuss common issues and difficulties and offer tips on how to overcome them. It will briefly review gear options offer tips and strategies for working an area or scene. We will discuss some legal and constitutional issues related to photographing in public places.  Class materials will include handouts and lists of resources for further self study. 

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