Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - Dec 2017

Dennis Day is the Seattle Photography Committee's featured member for December 2017
Anita Elder Anita Elder
Seattle Photography Committee Chair
December 01, 2017
Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - Dec 2017

Name: Dennis Day
Hometown: Lake Forest Park
Member Since: 2008
Occupation: Educator
Favorite Things to Photograph: Macro, landscapes, long exposures, macro.

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Dennis got involved with The Mountaineers 10 years ago when he joined so he could go on photography field trips. Now he has had more time to be active in leadership.

Instagram motivates Dennis. You see so many amazing images everywhere, so he wants to get out there and shoot some of his own. Seeing the work of other photographers inspires Dennis to keep working and learning. The great outdoors brings  inspiration as well. The autumn colors this year were better than he's ever experienced.


Dennis' favorite Mountaineers memory is  one of his first trips that was an overnight at Mowich Lake, Mt. Rainier NP. The group  hiked into Spray Park and waited for good light. The wildflowers were just incredible. And on the return hike they shot the alpenglow at Eagle’s Roost. 

Dennis' strength is his willingness to try things, talk to people, read, watch videos, go to classes and workshops, all as-a-way to learn and may be borderline obsession. 

When asked if he's a leader or a follower, Dennis says, "Depends on the situation. Most of the time I’m a leader. But when someone else is running the show, I can follow."

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Dennis is currently the field trip coordinator for the Seattle Photography Committee. It's the first time he's had a leadership role with the Mountaineers.