Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - Jan 2018

Char Davies is the featured photography committee member of the month.
Anita Elder Anita Elder
January 01, 2018
Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - Jan 2018

Name: Char Davies
Hometown: Seattle
Member Since: 2008
Occupation: Retired CPA
Favorite Things to Photograph: Landscapes, abstracts, plants and flowers, industrial sites, some street photography


Char got involved with The Mountaineers Photography Committee when he was looking for a group of photographers to hang out with, go out on shoots together, and to learn new things. He had checked out a few other groups, but didn’t care for their focus on “grading” images. Fortunately, he happened upon The Mountaineers Photography Committee. 


Char's quest to see whatever in new ways, to shoot the photography that’s never been seen before, and his desire to visit new, visually interesting places around the world are what motivates him to get outside and take photos.


Char's favorite memory from a Mountaineers activity was when he was preparing for and teaching the first Adobe Lightroom class for the committee members, where he came to appreciate those people who really wanted to be learning something new and take their photography to a new level.

The work my photography friends are doing, both with image creation and learning/applying new tips and techniques or even new (to them) photographic genres, are what inspires me.

In the early ‘70’s several of Char's photos were accepted in an “Art on the Buses” competition in New York City, with the prints archived in the Library of Congress.



Attend our monthly potluck, which is the third Wednesday of each month. We socialize and share food, then we have announcements and show photos of what we have seen during the past month or year.

All photos by Char Davies. ©2017 All rights reserved.

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Tess Wendel
Tess Wendel says:
Jan 08, 2018 10:56 AM

beautiful photos!!

Michael Burke
Michael Burke says:
Jan 10, 2018 09:32 AM

Outstanding images, Char. I'm impressed (and a little jealous)!