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Aaron Theisen Aaron Theisen
Author of "Day Hiking Glacier"
Adrienne Lindholm Adrienne Lindholm
Author of "It Happened Like This"
Aimee Trudeau Aimee Trudeau
Co-author of "Dirty Gourmet"
Amber Casali Amber Casali
Author of "Hiking Washington's Fire Lookouts"
Andy Kirkpatrick Andy Kirkpatrick
Author of "1001 Climbing Tips"
Anna Katz Anna Katz
Author of "Swimming Holes Washington"
Bill Thorness Bill Thorness
Author of "Cycling the Pacific Coast"
Bonnie Henderson Bonnie Henderson
Co-Author of "Best Hikes with Kids: Oregon"
Bree Loewen Bree Loewen
Author of "Found"
Bruce Tremper Bruce Tremper
Author of "Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain"
Cassandra Overby Cassandra Overby
Author of "Explore Europe on Foot"
Corey Rich Corey Rich Craig Romano Craig Romano
Author of Urban Trails Bellingham
Dave Kyu Dave Kyu David Guterson David Guterson Placeholder Contact Profile David Perry
Photographer for "Northwest Garden Manifesto"
Debbie Miller Debbie Miller
Author of "A Wild Promise"
Dirty Gourmet Dirty Gourmet
Meet Aimee, Mai-Yan, and Emily!
Douglas Lorain Douglas Lorain
Author of "100 Classic Hikes Montana"
Emily Nielson Emily Nielson
Co-author of "Dirty Gourmet"
Heather Hansen Heather Hansen
Author of "Wildfire"
Hugh Rose Hugh Rose
Photographer for "A Wild Promise"
Ilyssa Kyu Ilyssa Kyu J. R. Harris J. R. Harris
Author of "Way Out There"
Jeremy Barnes Jeremy Barnes Jeremy Collins Jeremy Collins
Author of "Drawn" and Artist for "Wild Lines of Jeremy Collins" calendars
Jill Lightner Jill Lightner
Author of "Scraps, Peels, and Stems"
Jim Herrington Jim Herrington
Photographer for "The Climbers"
Joe Riis Joe Riis
Photographer for "Yellowstone Migrations"
John Albers John Albers
Author of "Northwest Garden Manifesto"
John Soares John Soares
Author of "Day Hiking: Mt Shasta"
Leif Whittaker Leif Whittaker
Author of "My Old Man and the Mountain"
Mai-Yan Kwan Mai-Yan Kwan
Co-author of "Dirty Gourmet"
Maria Ruth Maria Ruth
Author of "A Sideways Look at Clouds"
Matt Burbach Matt Burbach
Author of "Gym Climbing"
Placeholder Contact Profile Oregon Wild Paul Bannick Paul Bannick
Photographer for "Owl"
Paul Souders Paul Souders Philip Kramer Philip Kramer
Author of "Hiking the PCT: Northern California"
Sarah Kaizar Sarah Kaizar Shane Robinson Shane Robinson
Author of "Swimming Holes Washington"
Sharon Wood Sharon Wood Shawnté Salabert Shawnté Salabert
Author of "Hiking the PCT: Southern California"
Sneed B. Collard III Sneed B. Collard III Tami Asars Tami Asars
Author of "Hiking the Wonderland Trail"
Zach Urness Zach Urness
Co-author of "Best Hikes with Kids: Oregon"