Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - June 2018

Erwin Buske is the Seattle Photography Committee featured member for June 2018.
Anita Elder Anita Elder
Seattle Photography Committee Chair
June 01, 2018
Seattle Photography Committee Featured Member - June 2018

Name: Erwin Buske
Hometown: Fairwood, Washington
Member Since: 1995
Occupation: Erwin Buske Photography & Procurement Cost Analysis Consulting

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Erwin got involved with The Mountaineers Photography Committee because he wanted to lead photography-oriented hikes and backpacking trips into the backcountry.

While working at Boeing, Erwin combined landscape photography with hiking to serve as an important counterbalance to his office job. He feels a great sense of renewal of spirit and purpose when he combines hiking and his love of nature photography.

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Erwin's favorite memory from The Mountaineers Photography Committee was when he participated twice in the fall color weekend at Baker Lodge. It was a wonderful experience to be in the company of like-minded people in one of Washington's most beautiful areas. The last couple of years, Erwin has also led a small group of Mountaineers on a hiking adventure to Mt. Rainier's Indian Henry's Hunting Ground during peak wildflower season, staying until sunset and hiking out with headlamps.

Erwin is inpsired by photographers like Art Wolfe, Candance Cyar, Kevin McNeil and Nick Page. He also draws inspiration through a process of self-discovvery while photography both iconic and lesser known landscapes. Photography for Erwin is the integration through craft of the inner landscape of the psyche with the natural landscape.

Erwin has had his photography work recognized by the Smithsonian, National Geographic, Outdoor Photography, and Landscape Photography Magazines. His greatest strength is his forests in the mist and scenes that include reflections.

Often, Eriwin is a leader, but in other situations, he's content to follow. After retiring from Boeing, Erwin formed the Facebook page Destination Washington, which currently has about 30,000 followers is an collaborative effort of 25 well-known Washington landscape photographers.

More From Eriwn:

I started my photographic journey at an early age with the simple goal of sharing the landscapes I witnessed on my many backpacking and hiking trips. I wanted others to appreciate the sense of awe and wonder I felt on my many journeys through the back country. Although my initial attempts fell short of this goal, I never stopped trying and photography became linked to my path of self discovery, with the mingling of the internal and external landscapes finding expression in my images. I adhere to the Sierra Club's goal — to leave no trace, respecting the landscape he photographs and keeping it pristine for future generations. Photographing nature has brought great joy to my life and I want to share this joy through inspirational images and writing. My work has been recognized by the Smithsonian, National Geographic, Outdoor Photography and Landscape Photography Magazines. I am also a writer/blogger ( on a multitude of subjects including "Multiday Backpacking and Photography" and "Finding Your Photographic Vision" and I am also available as a speaker/presenter. At least once a year I lead groups of people into wilderness areas helping others realize their photographic vision. I also offer one on one photographic instruction. Currently I am also the primary curator for the Facebook Page Destination Washington. Our family including my wife Julia and daughter Caroline and I live in Fairwood, Wash., where the foothills of the cascades are literally right out our front door. Prints available on my website ("



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