Your voice is powerful. Learn about issues we are engaging on and take action.

At The Mountaineers, we are fierce advocates for wild places. Our conservation advocacy focuses on protecting public lands and responsible recreational access, including engaging future generations.

We work to protect public lands and the experiences they provide by:

  • Shaping legislation that protects public lands, expansive landscapes, and the outdoor experiences the provide
  • Engaging in land planning processes and comment periods
  • Advocating for public lands funding in national and Washington State budget processes
  • Educating outdoor enthusiasts on issues  and providing tools to take action

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Learn about Current Issues & Take Action

  • Legislative Report Card: Learn about what happened to the bills you've advocated for in Congress, including two recent victories. 
  • Defend the Roadless Rule and Tongass National Forest: Speak up to help defend the Roadless Rule and protect the Tongass National Forest from new efforts to exempt it from roadless protections.
  • SOAR Act: Ask your legislators to sponsor this bill that will make it easier for organized groups to take people outdoors on national public lands.
  • Stop the Public Lands Heist: A far reaching campaign is underway to weaken and eventually privatize our public lands. Hundreds of millions of acres across the Western U.S hang in the balance. Take a stand for our public lands.

Sharing your thoughts with your representatives is one of the best, and easiest, actions you can take to protect the outdoor experience. Here's a guide for how talk with your representative

What we prioritize

  • Our work focuses on protecting the landscapes and ecosystems where we recreate and the outdoor experience these places provide.
  • The majority of our focus is on national public lands including National Forests and Parks, as almost 60% of Mountaineers outdoor activities take place on federal lands.
  • From there, we engage strategically on issues effecting Washington State lands, primarily State Parks and WA Department of Natural Resources.
  • We occasionally engage in county and municipal issues where multiple Mountaineers programs and priorities intersect.