Seattle Climbing

Seattle Climbing

Learn more about The Mountaineers Seattle Climbing community, and the activities and courses in the Seattle Climbing Program.

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CURIOUS? Explore the fundamentals of climbing. Some of the following may count towards obtaining a Basic Climbing Badge.
 Course Overviews
Note: If no courses show, they are still in the planning stage.

 Scrambling  (Offered by the Scramble Committee)
Learn to Belay
Intro to Rock 
Glacier Travel  (has prerequisites)
Introduction to Alpine Rock (has prerequisites)
Introduction to Leading Bolted Routes



STUDENTS: Take courses covering all flavors of climbing and mountaineering:  Alpine, Crag, Glacier, Ice, and Big Wall.

Basic Alpine  Climbing
Basic Refresher  For any with basic alpine experience.
Equivalency For those who have learned to climb elsewhere.  
Intermediate Alpine Climbing
Crag Climbing
Advanced Climbing
Seminars & Clinics  (includes all types of clinics)



INSTRUCTORS: Instruct at our field trips once you have mastered the skills.  There are instructor courses and clinics to help you prepare. Then, maybe lead some field trips?
Instructor Information (folder)
Courses/Clinics for Instructors
Instructor  Opportunities



Become a climb or scramble leader, introducing others to places off the beaten path. Mentoring programs ensure you are ready to lead climbing parties safely. 

Take a look at the climbing leadership structure to see what type of leader you want to be.

Read the Mountaineers climbing code.

Ready to apply for leadership?

Apply Now

Be sure you have reviewed the leadership structure and have met all requirements. Most leadership types require a mentored lead.

If you are looking for a climb leader to help you do a mentored lead outing make sure to fill out a quick survey and become part of the cross-branch mentor/mentee database to help aspiring leaders connect with experienced leaders. This list contains no personal information aside from what is publicly available on (first and last name).

Fill out the Mentor/Mentee matching Form

Leader Information - click here for information about the process for becoming a new leader and find leader applications.
Courses for Leaders



CLIMBERS: Reach the summit of peaks and crags in Washington, the Northwest, the US, and the World.
Upcoming Climbs
Information on Routes and Places in our database
Trip Reports



GIVE BACK: Our climbing programs depend on course students and graduates to continue and improve the  programs. Climbers of all abilities and talents are welcome to join the Climbing Committee. Help plan, organize, and run the courses and activities.  YOU are invited! Contact the climbing chair.

The Seattle Climbing Committee meets monthly on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm from September through June at the Seattle Program Center. (We take the summer off to climb.)  Find out what's going on and what we are planning.  Open to everyone, with dinner provided!




    Friction climbing seminar, Icicle Creek