Seattle Canyoning Committee

Seattle Canyoning Committee

The Seattle Canyoning Committee hosts introductory and comprehensive beginner courses, as well as intermediate technical clinics. Canyon Leaders lead trips in beginner to intermediate canyons for those who have the skills to join.

Launched in 2019, the Seattle Canyoning Committee aims to meet the growing need in the PNW for training and leadership in technical descents of aquatic canyons. Learn about Canyon Trips.

While Canyon Leaders may host occasional trips to the desert southwest, our focus is on the aquatic canyons in the Pacific Northwest. 

Check out this blog post about canyoning by a local canyon photographer and leader in the PNW canyoning community.


Technical Canyoning Course

An intensive multi-day course that gives you everything you need to participate in Basic and Intermediate canyon trips. For the third year, we're partnering with International Trainers Andrew Humphreys and George Yates to run an multi-day technical canyoning course. This course is designed for beginners and experienced climbers and desert canyoneers alike, and has no pre-requisites other than general fitness and ability to swim. The course teaches a variety of movement techniques on rope, which are different from, but related to climbing techniques. Students also learn anchoring and rigging techniques, assessment of whitewater and decision making in a whitewater environment, as well as emergency preparation. Many students say its one of the best technical courses they've ever taken.

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