The Mountaineers is home to world-class staff supporting a thriving community of outdoor recreationists and conservationists. Meet our staff and view our employment opportunities to join the team.

Programs Division


Andy Bassett 

Associate Director of Education & curriculum

Joined Staff: 2017

Phone: 206-521-6015
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Pronouns: he/him

Background: Originally from North Carolina, Andy migrated west 10 years ago after completing a Masters in Education at Appalachian State University. He took a job as a University Relations Officer at NOLS, originally planning to stay out west for only a few years. However, the snow-capped peaks, clear streams and wildflowers eventually won him over and he forgot to leave. Over those 10 years, Andy worked as a field instructor at NOLS, installed solar-panels, drove a vegetable-oil-powered bus, and coordinated a university adventure program. 

Core Responsibilities:  Responsible for oversight of Mountaineers Youth Education Programs in Seattle, Everett, Kitsap, and Olympia, including Mountaineers Adventure Club, Explorers, Pathfinders, Nomads, Mini Mountaineers, Summer and Break Camp. Oversees the Associate Youth Manager for Camps and Clubs in Seattle and Olympia.  Oversees elearning programs. Reports to Director of Programs and Operations. 

Outdoor Activities: Rock climbing, trail running, bike packing, and backcountry skiing

More: Andy was initially drawn to the simplicity of outdoor life and the transferable of skills learned outside. He is excited to work with the next generation of outdoor adventurers of the PNW, helping them to foster an innate sense of wonder and an appreciation of wild spaces. Andy also plays the ukulele, brews his own beer, and bakes a mean loaf of sourdough. 

Jeff Bowman ProfileJeff Bowman

Associate Director of Information Technology

Joined Staff: 2000

Phone: 206-521-6002
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Jeff keeps his fingers in a lot of pies at The Mountaineers. He has served on staff since February 2000 and been a member since May 1994. A "jack of all trades," he is currently working as the IT (Information Technology) Manager and Bookstore Manager, and helps our Member Services Team.

Core Responsibilities: Manages local area networks and computers  at our Program Centers and Books offices and warehouse. Oversees website support and project management and Salesforce support, report and dashboard development, email automation, and project management. Manages the Seattle Program Center Bookstore, including purchasing and sales. Manages IT contractors: Jazkarta, Percolator Consulting, Cheyette & Associates, and Interface Technologies Northwest. Reports to Director of Operations.

Background: Jeff’s undergraduate alma mater is West Virginia University - whose mascot moniker is also The Mountaineers (it's also his parents’ alma mater). Jeff was born and raised in West Virginia, so he’s been a “Mountaineer” all his life. He obtained B.S. and M.S. degrees in chemical engineering and worked five years for DuPont. At the University of Washington, he spent a lot of time writing FORTRAN code, so he’s very happy with his new IT responsibilities. He has completed several courses with The Mountaineers, has been leading climbs since 1998, and reached the summit of Denali in 2003. Over the years, Jeff has taught, helped design, or revise nearly all of the climbing courses we offer. He’s currently teaching Intermediate Rescue Methods, the Climbing Self-Rescue Course, the Denali Expedition Planning Seminar, and Aid & Big Wall Climbing Course. He served as illustrations coordinator for the 7th and 8th editions of Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills, and helped with the 9th edition.

Outdoor Activities: Climbing, skiing, hiking, backpacking, and biking

More: There’s life outside of The Mountaineers? Well, maybe a little...says Jeff. In winter, Jeff teaches skiing for Clancey's Ski School at the Stevens Pass Ski Resort. When time permits, Jeff enjoys cooking, mostly Italian and fruit desserts like cobblers, crisps, buckles and pies! Being the bookstore manager also keeps Jeff busy reading, mostly in his spare time and even on a Kindle. His favorite quote is "brevity is the soul of wit" Hamlet Act 2, Scene 2. Jeff’s favorite climb is Mount Logan: "all-in-all the most spectacularly enjoyable alpine climb done with some great friends!" His favorite ski descent: "anything as long as the snow is good!"

tim crop.jpgTim Bugler

Facility Manager

Joined Staff: 2016

Phone: 206-521-6038
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Tim oversees the care and day-to-day operations at the Seattle Program Center. He works closely to manage day-of event logistics for members and rental clients.

Core Responsibilities: Manages Seattle Program Center building operations, maintenance and cleaning responsibilities. Works directly with building contractors to schedule regular building maintenance. Works directly with volunteer leaders and rental clients with day-of event setup and AV support.

Background: Tim joined the Mountaineers in September of 2015 taking the reins from the beloved Vito Dumo, who served the Seattle Program Center for 35 years. Throughout the past 30 years, Tim has worked in theater, catering and facilities management. He originally hails from Iowa and attended the University of Iowa in the 80's. It was here where he learned basic rock climbing with the Iowa Mountaineers under the guidance of climbing legend Jim Ebert. As a college student, Tim worked in the banquet staff at the Holiday Inn, as a server for a small catering company, and as a stage hand for a large theater in the capacity of carpenter, rigger, follow spot & fly rail operator. After moving to Seattle in 1994, Tim became a catering lead for various caterers throughout Seattle. He sets a mean buffet! In 2003 he joined the massage world and spent almost 12 years as the facilities manager for the Brian Utting School of Massage, which later became Cortiva Institute. He was responsible for supporting two campuses which included management of student helpers, maintaining a master calendar of classes & events, space planning & feng shui, student supply ordering, repairing equipment, directing campus moves, helping plan renovations, and liaison for janitorial/vendors/building managers. 

Outdoor Activities: Hiking, golfing, mushroom hunting, bicycling, walking

Other: Tim has traveled throughout the UK,  Europe, Malaysia and Australia. He taught English to adults and children in Korea, Czechoslovakia (before the split with Slovakia) and Japanese learners in Seattle. He is also trained in acupuncture, shiatsu, qigong, and tai chi. 

Formatted - Mckenzie.jpg

Mckenzie Campbell Davies

Annual Giving Manager

Joined Staff: 2022

Phone: 206-521-6019
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As the Annual Giving Manager, Mckenzie collaborates with the development team to implement fundraising and stewardship strategies and deepen donor engagement with The Mountaineers. She oversees annual giving, donor communications, and management of Peak Society.

Core responsibilities: Mckenzie is responsible for the success of The Mountaineers annual giving program, including management of the Peak Society (our leadership giving circle), annual giving campaigns, and mid-level donor pipeline development. She oversees The Mountaineers year-round strategic development communications calendar to showcase the impact of donor support. She also coordinates donor stewardship processes and is responsible for the health and integrity of donor data. Reports to the Development Director.

Background: Born in the Seattle area to a family of outdoor adventurers, Mckenzie’s early years were full of sunny hikes, rainy camping trips, weekends at the Ski Patrol Lodge, and bedtime stories about volcanoes and glacier travel. She then spent her adolescence overseas, which gave her a thirst for travel and cross-cultural connections as well as a special appreciation for the unique natural beauty of the PNW. Mckenzie has always found deep joy in introducing people to hiking and backpacking. Her secret to converting people to the backcountry is going above and beyond with the menu (for example, she has made pancakes and mimosas on at least three popular day hikes).

Mckenzie joins the team with 10+ years’ experience in nonprofit marketing, donor relations, and donor data management. She spent most of her career in the realm of refugee resettlement and building community among immigrants in Western Washington. She believes strongly that the outdoors doesn’t just belong to those who are “born into it,” and she hopes that her work at The Mountaineers will break down barriers so that more people can access and join in stewarding our wild places.

Other: While not at The Mountaineers you can find Mckenzie planning her next backpacking trip, sport climbing indoors and out, cycling around town, growing vegetables in her urban garden, doing volunteer trail maintenance, learning to cook everything from scratch, or reading voraciously across all genres.


Kristina Ciari

Membership & Communications Director

Joined Staff: 2013

Phone: 206-521-6023
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Pronouns: she/her

As the Membership and Communications Director, Kristina is responsible for energizing and engaging with The Mountaineers community to grow membership and our coalition of volunteers. She works collaboratively with members and volunteers to organize events and provide resources and materials for membership development and enhancement. She oversees brand marketing and communications, including directing content for the website and outbound communications, to provide clear communication and greater marketing support for the organization and volunteer leaders. 

Core Responsibilities: Overall communications and branding, including blog writing and editing, website content management, video production, Mountaineer magazine, event support, and creation of membership emails, promotions, and communications. Responsible for membership strategy and growth. Serves as staff liaison to Equity & Inclusion Committee. Works with the Board of Directors on strategic outcomes and investments. Manages technology, events & facilities, communications, and member services staff. Member of The Mountaineers Leadership Team. Reports to the CEO.

Background: Kristina’s passion for the outdoors began at age 3 in Bozeman, Montana, where she grew up skiing in the Rocky Mountains. After moving to Seattle to attend the UW, she quickly fell in love with the lush greenery and endless outdoor pursuits available in the Pacific Northwest. As a backcountry skier and proud Turns All Year participant, for a long time Kristina could be found on the side of a mountain somewhere chasing snow, generally in a tutu. She loves The Mountaineers so much that she made another one in 2020, and is currently busy chasing a toddler around and introducing him to the outdoors. She credits the outdoor community with continually inspiring her to try bigger and better adventures, and she is looking forward to building lifelong friendships at The Mountaineers. Kristina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing from the University of Washington.

Outdoor Activities: Backcountry skiing, climbing, running, mountaineering, cycling, building spectacular campfires, adventure traveling, and chasing after a toddler (sometimes inside, but mostly out)

More: Kristina loves writing and maintains a blog full of irreverence at

Katy Clark Sized Photo.jpgKaty Clark

Member Services Associate

Joined Staff: 2021

Phone: 206-521-6000 (member services line)
Email Katy

Katy is one of the friendly voices on the phone when you call the Program Center. Her goal is to support members' and volunteers' various technological needs and create a positive experience through good customer service.

Core Responsibilities: In Member Services, Katy assists members in course and activity enrollment, supports volunteers in listing programs online, processes cancellations and refunds, onboards new members, processes donations, responds to inquiries from, and provides general support to our membership. Reports to the Member Services and Bookstore Manager. 

Background: Growing up in the area, Katy spent a lot of her time outdoors rambling around Mountain Loop highway and playing in the local lakes and rivers. Her love of the natural world took her to Brazil, where she worked with teens as a youth ecological group leader. She studied Spanish and Latin American Studies at UW, but eventually made her way into the print publishing world, working with a variety of small businesses and non-profits. Katy is an involved citizen scientist, with a particular love for any program whose primary focus is the monitoring and conservation of wolverines, including the Cascades Carnivore Project and eMammal. She also participates in The Living Snow Project and is working to become a World Water Watcher.

An avid swimmer, you can find Katy at the pool lifeguarding, coaching kids, or swimming with her master’s team, or outdoors year-round in the Sound and local lakes. She is a voracious reader of non-fiction, and loves anything related to natural history, adventure, and the outdoors, especially if it is locally-based. She also loves exploring, backpacking, cooking, dogs, foraging, and learning new skills that give her more opportunities to spend time outside, like skiing.

Outdoor Activities: Swimming, backpacking, hiking, foraging

Westlee Craig Formatted.jpgWestlee Craig

Member Services Associate

Joined Staff: 2022

Phone: 206-521-6026
Email Westlee

Westlee is one of the friendly voices on the phone when you call the Program Center. Their goal is to support members' and volunteers' various technological needs and create a positive experience through good customer service.

Core Responsibilities: In Member Services, Westlee assists members in course and activity enrollment, supports volunteers in listing programs online, processes cancellations and refunds, onboards new members, processes donations, responds to inquiries from, and provides general support to our membership. Reports to the Member Services and Bookstore Manager. 

Background: Westlee joins The Mountaineers with over ten years of experience in the fields of mental health services, advocacy, education, and volunteer work with both US-based and international outreach organizations. They have been a member of The Mountaineers since 2021, having graduated from the Basic Canyoning Course. They are ecstatic to be expanding their involvement with The Mountaineers from member and participant to staff!

Outdoor Activities: Canyoning, packrafting, tide-pooling, and s’mores eatin’

More: Westlee loves to tell dad jokes... cause he always laughs.

tailor dolgin staff.pngTailor Dolgin

Camps Program Manager

Joined Staff: 2019

Phone: 206-521-6046
Email Tailor
Pronouns: She/Her

Core Responsibilities: Provides programming and leadership to the Seattle Branch open enrollment and Camp Programs, including Summer Camps, Break Camps, After-School Programs and Seattle Mini Mountaineers. Ensures that all logistical details within these program are aligned. Supervises the Adventure Camp & After-School Coordinator, Day Camp & Clubs Coordinator, and Residential Camp & Clubs Coordinator in executing programs year round. Reports to the Associate Director of Education and Curriculum.

Background: Tailor grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado and spent her childhood frolicking in and on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. However it wasn’t until she started school at Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR that she became immersed in the outdoors. Over the course of her undergraduate career, Tailor backpacked in four different states, rock climbed in three different countries, and threw up on Mount Rainier once (it’s a great story, ask her about it sometime!). Since graduating with her degree in English Literature and Outdoor Leadership, she has worked seasonal outdoor education gigs in the mountains of Idaho and Colorado. Tailor is excited to join the Mountaineers community and for the opportunity to provide transformational adventure experiences in such a beautiful, bountiful state. 

Outdoor Activities: Backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, scrambling, relearning to ski, mountaineering, and frolicking in the snow

alvaro.jpgAlvaro Juarez

Seattle Clubs Manager

Joined Staff: 2023

Phone: 206-521-6014
Email Alvaro

Core Responsibilities: Alvaro oversees, grows, and develops Mountaineers year-round youth club programs; Mountaineers Adventure Club, Junior MAC, Explorers, Nomads, and Pathfinders based out of the Seattle Program Center. He will be creating vision, goals, and strategies for Mountaineers club programming. His role includes connecting with families in order to better understand and serve the needs and interests of youth and family-led cohorts. Alvaro also oversees the Youth and Family Hiking and Backpacking Committees. Reports to Associate Director of Education and Curriculum.

Background: Alvaro comes from a small farming and blue-collar community just outside of Philadelphia, near the historic battlefields of the Revolutionary War. Since graduating high school, he has been migrating West and has called Tacoma home since 2017. Alvaro didn’t discover the State Parks of Pennsylvania and Delaware until he threw his legs over a friend’s mountain bike. Since then, he has been chasing his excitement for steep mountain bike trails, deep powder turns, and hikes through alpine meadows. Due to the cost of these sports, he is passionate about lowering barriers to access mountain sports and is always willing to take in a first-timer under his wings. Alvaro brings six years of non-profit experience and two years of Physical Education instructing with high schoolers to The Mountaineers. He has been servicing youth ages 8 to 18 through various projects and agencies, namely Cascade Bicycle Club, Outdoors for All, and Pierce County Juvenile Court just to name a few.

Outdoor Activities: Backcountry snowboarding, cycling, running, dog walking, climbing, and hiking to bodies of water to swim in

Avery K.jpg

Avery Kernan

Associate Director of Events and Facilities

Joined Staff: 2023

Phone: 206-521-6005
Email Avery
Pronouns: She/Her

As the Associate Director of Events and Facilities, Avery works to coordinate and promote Mountaineers events - such as BeWild, Banff Film Festival, and MountainFilm Festival - and manages the Seattle Program Center facilities and any external rentals.

Core Responsibilities: Manages room rentals for the Seattle Program Center and coordinates sponsored events (film festivals, speaker series). Supports The Mountaineers community through events, reserving Seattle Program Center space for courses and activities, and optimizes the spaces by renting space to outside organizations. Manages the Facility Manager and Facilities Assistant; Reports to the Membership and Communications Director.

Background: Raised on the East Coast, Avery has been inching her way further west since she was a teenager. Most recently coming from Leadville, Colorado, Avery joins The Mountaineers team with eight years of experience in outdoor, global, and classroom education. Avery received a B.A. in Sociology and Education from Colorado College. She is also currently a graduate student in the School of Social Work at the University of Washington.

Since arriving in Seattle in the summer of 2022, she could not be more excited to explore the Seattle food and music scene, discover and play in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, and build a strong community.

Outdoor Activities: Mountain biking, backcountry skiing, nordic skiing, rafting, and neighborhood dog walks

More: In her free time Avery loves to cook, host dinner parties, do house projects, and curl up next to the fire with a book.

Formatted - Tom Knee.jpg

Tom Knee

Youth Field Coordinator

Joined Staff: 2021

Phone: 206-521-6021
Email Tom
Pronouns: He/Him

As the Youth Field Coordinator for our youth clubs, Tom aides in the running of the Pathfinder, Nomad, Explorer, and Jr. MAC programs. He organizes and supports skills workshops, climb nights, and monthly club meetings as well as planning and leading outdoor trips. Come rain or snow, Tom can be found outdoors every weekend leading trips and helping to foster a love of the outdoors and the knowledge of how to recreate safely and respectfully.

Core Responsibilities: Makes sure the Pathfinders through Jr. MAC cohorts are supported and set up for success by overseeing the logistics of their trips, meetings, and skills workshops. Ensures qualified volunteer leadership is supporting all of these activities and participates directly as a leader in many of them. Reports to Youth Education Manager and Associate Youth Programs Manager.

Background: Tom fell in love with the Pacific Northwest during a visit to a college friend one summer. After graduating from St. Olaf College with years of prairie research and a degree in Biology and another in Environmental Science, he moved to Washington. Once in the PNW, he began to climb, backpack, scramble, and snowshoe at every opportunity. He worked at REI and the Pacific Science Center Environmental Education Center before joining The Mountaineers part-time as a Youth Program Instructor. After a year as an instructor, he moved into the Field Coordinator position and is thrilled to be able to spend even more time sharing his love of the outdoors with others.

Outdoor Activities: Backpacking, scrambling, cycling, rock climbing, snowshoeing, enjoying time with friends in cool places

Formatted - Casey K.jpg

Casey Kuglar

Development Associate

Joined Staff: 2022

Email Casey

As the Development Associate, Casey is responsible for advancing The Mountaineers mission by supporting the donor experience. Casey implements gift processing and donor recognition efforts and supports general donor stewardship and fundraising events, with a focus on data integrity and operations. Casey also partners with the CEO to provide logistical support for the Board of Directors and Advisory Council.

Core responsibilities: Casey manages donation documentation, gift acknowledgements, event registration management, and corporate matching. She also collaborates with the Development Team on events, communications, and new strategies for engaging donors. She looks forward to being an empowering resource for members and their commitment to protecting the outdoor experience. Reports to the Annual Giving Manager.

Background: Casey hails from the rolling landscape of the Appalachian Mountains. Growing up in “almost heaven,” she fostered a strong connection to the land and an innate communal appreciation of the natural world that has guided her life adventures. Casey completed her Bachelors in Economics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She hustled in the hospitality industry before landing at Catawba Lands Conservancy and the Carolina Thread Trail, a local land trust and regional trail network serving the southern Piedmont of North Carolina. As a newcomer to the Pacific Northwest, she spends a lot of time gawking at its natural wonders and pointing out how big everything is. She feels so incredibly lucky to explore her new home with the help of the amazing Mountaineers community.

Outdoor Activities: Hiking, backpacking, swimming, kayaking, playing in the snow, photography

Conor Marshall.jpg

Conor Marshall

Advocacy & Engagement Manager

Joined Staff: 2021

Phone: 206-521-6017
Email Conor
Pronouns: He/him

As the Advocacy and Engagement Manager, Conor is helping to deepen The Mountaineers conservation and advocacy impact through education, stewardship, and advocacy. Using conservation communications, he educates and inspires our community on policy issues that threaten our beloved landscapes, driving members towards increased action and engagement to help protect our public lands and the outdoor experiences they provide.

Background: Conor joined The Mountaineers after returning to his hometown of Seattle after 14 years in the Washington, D.C. area. He recently worked on digital advocacy for the Sierra Club on lands, waters, and wildlife issues - just the latest stop on his 10+ year journey through conservation policy, advocacy, and communications. Previously, he led the American Bird Conservancy’s advocacy communications program and provided federal and state-based policy support across the organization. Conor’s personal and professional pursuits draw on extensive grassroots engagement experience. His six years of service at a local county parks and recreation commission underscored for him the importance of outdoor equity, access to nature, and the important connections between recreation, stewardship, and conservation.

Core Responsibilities: Leads the development of all conservation-related communications and manages advocacy campaigns and initiatives for The Mountaineers and Outdoor Alliance Washington. Produces our monthly Conservation Currents e-newsletter, quarterly magazine articles, actions alerts, blog posts, emails to supporters, and social media and website messaging. He researches emerging public lands conservation and outdoor recreation policy issues, and drives engagement and communication strategies on priority issues in collaboration with the Conservation and Advocacy Director.

Outdoor Activities: Hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife watching

More: Conor is excited to reconnect with the lands and waters of the Pacific Northwest, and engage in advocacy work that bolsters recreation and conservation for the communities that have given him so much. Fun fact: He attended a middle school in Seattle named for pioneering Mountaineers member Edmond S. Meany.

Sized - Ryan McMorrow.jpg

Ryan McMorrow

Gear library coordinator & program Instructor 

Joined Staff: 2022

Phone: 206-521-6024
Email Ryan

Looking to check something out from the Gear Library? Ryan is likely the friendly face that will greet you!

Core Responsibilities: As the Gear Library Coordinator, Ryan manages the day-to-day operations of our Gear Library located in the basement of the Seattle Program Center. He also assists in program instruction with our after-school programs and Mountain Workshops. 

Background: Though born in California, Ryan was raised in Carlisle, Massachusetts. He attended Wellesley College and received his Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and Geosciences with a concentration in Environmental Education. For the past two summers Ryan has returned to the west, guiding on the Matanuska Glacier and in Wrangell St. Elias National Park. During those experiences he developed a community in Seattle and decided to make the cross country move a permanent one. Now settled, he is excited to explore the city and beyond! 

Outdoor Activities: Ice climbing, rock climbing, skiing, aspiring snowboarder, backpacking, weekly polar plunges, getting distracted by rocks on hikes, swimming, scrambling, and regularly getting his breath taken away when he catches a glimpse of the mountains in the distance

More: Though you likely will find Ryan playing around in the outdoors, it is just as likely that you’ll find him drumming or in the middle of a craft project – it could be cross stitching, drawing, using old gear to make art, or whatever new interest he picked up that week! 

Ethan Metzger.jpg

Ethan Metzger

Associate Outreach Programs Manager

Joined Staff: 2021

Phone: 206-521-6047
Email Ethan 

Background: Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Ethan is a Washington local whose adventuring days started during his time at Western Washington University. The Chuckanuts and Mt. Baker Ski Area are where he discovered his love for the outdoors. After graduating with a B.A. in Outdoor Recreation Management, Ethan has worked in environmental education, organizing conferences & retreats, and as a backpacking guide. He also has experience in ski industry retail and ski instructing. Ethan is excited to join The Mountaineers and help more youth experience the outdoors.

Core Responsibilities: Provides outdoor education experiences to partner groups, focusing on increasing access for youth most impacted by educational and/or environmental disparities. Manages and facilitates Seattle Mountain Workshops programs and any related outreach. Manages the daily operations of the Gear Library and any associated trainings. Reports to the Associate Director of Leadership and Operations.

Outdoor Activities: Skiing, climbing, backpacking, biking of all sorts, eating ramen in pretty places

More: Ethan’s primary motivation for getting outside is to find nice places to play cribbage (his 11th essential). His current goal is to play a game of cribbage while riding a chairlift. If he’s not adventuring outside, you can find Ethan playing trivia, strumming his ukulele, or continuing his lifelong goal of creating the perfect Spam musubi.

Formatted - Skye Michel.jpg

Skye Michel

Associate communications manager

Joined Staff: 2022

Phone: 206-521-6003
Email Skye
Pronouns: She/her

Core Responsibilities: Edits and curates content for Mountaineers blogs and  Mountaineer magazine. Aids in the creation of all outgoing communications, including Conservation Currents, Routefinder, and Branch emails.  Ensures that our membership is feeling engaged and up-to-date on events, activities, and courses by cultivating the communication channels of our Mountaineers community. Reports to the Membership and Communications Director.

Background: Skye has been slowly migrating up the Western coast, from her hometown San Luis Obispo, to Berkeley where she acquired her B.S. and got lost in the world of poepatetics and paper-making, and finally to the awesome Mountaineers community in Seattle. Her interest in outdoor recreation began at a young age while watching the various action sports movies produced by her mother’s coworkers. Even though she is still a ways away from mastering all the tricks she saw on-screen, she is excited to be surrounded by a community that is passionate about providing enjoyable, accessible, and safe outdoor experiences for everyone. While half of her heart swims in the Pacific Ocean, the other rests in the small village of Correns, France, where much of her family lives. Her favorite hobbies include sidewalk treasure hunting, picking summer blackberries for homemade pie, and forcing her friends to craft with her.

Outdoor Activities: kayaking, cross-country skiing, cloud-watching, and (eventually!) bikepacking


D'Mario Mooney

Youth Resident Camp Coordinator

Joined Staff: 2023

Phone: 206-521-6032
Email D'Mario

Core Responsibilities: As the Youth Resident Camp Coordinator, D’Mario is responsible for the safe and effective execution of educational and recreational programming for Youth Programs at The Mountaineers Seattle Branch. Specifically, this position oversees one of our youth club programs during the school year and over the summer to facilitate Resident Camp Programs at Baker Lodge, Meany Lodge, and Stevens Lodge. Additionally, D’Mario works with the Youth Camps team to support after-school, Mini-Mountaineer, and overnight camp programs throughout the year.

Background: D'Mario was born in the Midwest and found his love of the outdoors from weekend camping trips with his dad. Getting a degree in something completely unrelated to the outdoor industry, he took a deep dive into the outdoor field by backpacking and thru-hiking trails such as the PCT, AZT, and JMT to name a few. D’Mario has worked with various youth development outdoor programs across the western US from Colorado to California and is now finding a home here at The Mountaineers.

More: D’Mario loves cooking and baking. He’s won Backcountry Iron Chef three years in a row in Jackson, WY. D’Mario likes reading, running, and trying new food and restaurants. He's excited to expand his climbing skills. He's also an avid Ashtanga yoga practitioner. During the summer you can hopefully find him somewhere in the backcountry (or not).


Claire Munro

Day Camps & Clubs Coordinator

Joined Staff: 2023

Phone: 206-521-6031
Email Claire 
Pronouns: She/her

Core Responsibilities: Facilitates and supports the execution of Day Camp programs during the summer and school breaks, in addition to the Pathfinders and Nomads year-round clubs programs. Ensures that activities are planned, staffed, and participants have the necessary equipment. During Day Camps, Claire serves as the onsite director and oversees execution of programming, communication with parents and participants, and our seasonal staff and volunteers. Reports to the Camps Program Manager.

Background: Claire grew up in Seattle with the privilege to spend her free time and weekends in the outdoors and playing sports. She enjoyed being involved in many different activities as a kid and carries that same passion for new experiences into her work. She went to college in San Antonio, TX and enjoyed the change in scenery, but there’s no place like home and no place like the PNW, so she moved back to Seattle. Claire’s background is in youth sports and nonprofit fundraising, but when the opportunity came to make the shift to outdoor education, she knew she had to take it. Claire is excited to join The Mountaineers team and facilitate new experiences for kids in the outdoors.

Outdoor Activities: Skiing, rock climbing, swimming, hiking (to a lake to swim in), and enjoying any time the sun graces us with her presence

Formatted - New Leigh Pic.jpg

Leigh Noble

Staff Accountant

Joined Staff: 2020

Phone: 206-521-6010
Email Leigh

As Staff Accountant, Leigh keeps volunteers, vendors, and staff happy by processing reimbursements, invoices, and payroll. In addition to paying the bills for The Mountaineers, Leigh records incoming dollars and loves to keep the balance sheet accounts reconciled.

Background: Leigh has 20 years of accounting experience in various industries, and is thrilled to work for The Mountaineers as her values and interest align with the organization. In the summer she spends the majority of her free time hiking and backpacking the spectacular trails of the Pacific Northwest. Her proudest accomplishment is thru-hiking all 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail from the border of Mexico to Canada in 2018. She has also climbed all five of the volcanoes in Washington State more than once and traveled to 37 countries.

Outdoor Actives: hiking, backpacking, running, snowshoeing, kayaking, and reading Mountaineers Books titles in a hammock by an alpine lake

Becca Polglase ProfileBecca Polglase

director of programs & operations

Joined Staff: 2010

Phone: 206-521-6011
Email Becca

Background: Becca brings 20 years of experience in Outdoor Experiential Education to her work at The Mountaineers. She has a Master of Science in Organizational Management and Leadership from Springfield College. Becca is also a Leave No Trace trainer, a graduate of Outward Bound’s Wilderness Educator’s Course, and volunteers on the Seattle Canyoning Committee. She moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2010 after almost a decade in New England.  As Director of Programs and Operations, Becca provides guidance and direction for Mountaineers Youth Programs, Volunteer Leadership Development for our adult outdoor education programs, Risk Management and Operating Procedures.

Core Responsibilities: Provides oversight for Youth Education Programs and Adult Leadership Development Programs. Provides leadership for the Youth Education Team in driving vision, program strategy, budget strategy, and outcomes measurement for a suite of youth programs in multiple branches. Provides leadership for the Leadership Development Team in developing strategy and tactics to support volunteers in meaningful but resource-efficient ways, and to create a strong culture of outdoor leadership development among our adult programs. Works with the Board of Directors on strategic outcomes and investments. Supports Risk Management protocols and Operating procedures for the organization. Liaisons with a  variety of organizational partners including the American Alpine Club, Mazamas, Colorado Mountain Club, Appalachian Mountain Club, and Washington Trails Association. Manages: Youth Education Manager, Tacoma Program Manager, Adult Education Managers, eLearning Course Developer, Volunteer Coordinator. Reports to CEO.

Outdoor Activities: Nordic skiing (skate & classic, but mostly skate), canyoning, canoeing, hiking

More: As an outdoor enthusiast, defender of public lands, astronomy and geology hobbyist, occasional tide-pooler and lover of Ponderosas, I am thrilled to be in the Pacific Northwest and honored to be a part of The Mountaineers. I am inspired by the dedication of our volunteers on a daily basis, and love being a part of the Washington nonprofit and outdoor community.

Sara Ramsay

Associate Director of Leadership & Operations

Joined Staff: 2017

Phone: 206-521-6043

Pronouns: She/Her

Sara oversees The Mountaineers leadership development programs, youth partner programs, and Gear Library. She works collaboratively across departments to ensure that our volunteers have the resources they need to run their programs, and she works directly with both volunteers and staff to ensure smooth and efficient program operations.

Core Responsibilities: Oversees volunteer leadership development and recognition. Oversees Seattle Mountain Workshops and the Gear Library. Serves as primary staff support for the Branch Leadership Committee and provides guidance and support for questions about Mountaineers policies and procedures. Manages staff and volunteer relationships with public land managers and administers annual permits. Oversees The Mountaineers fleet of vehicles. Manages the Volunteer Development Manager and Associate Program Manager of Partner Programs. Reports to the Director of Programs & Operations.

Background: Growing up in the greater Seattle area, Sara fell in love with the mountains and waterways of Washington State. Sara joined The Mountaineers with more than 10 years of experience in the outdoor industry, having worked for a variety of non-profits around the country with a focus on outdoor adaptive recreation. Throughout all of these experiences, Sara has had the opportunity to work alongside volunteers in many different capacities, and she is excited to share her passion for the outdoors with our community of outdoor enthusiasts at The Mountaineers!

Outdoor Activities: Skiing, backpacking, mountain biking, kayaking, hiking

More: In her free time, Sara enjoys skiing, backpacking, running, and mountain biking with good friends. Her current PNW bucket list includes hiking the Wonderland Trail and skiing some of the area's volcanoes. Sara has also volunteered with PSIA-NW, supporting the development of the Adaptive exam standards in the NW division.


Betsy Robblee

Conservation & Advocacy Director

Joined Staff: 2020

Phone: 206-521-6012

Pronouns: She/Her

As the Conservation and Advocacy Director, Betsy leads The Mountaineers conservation and advocacy programming, including driving partnerships, executing advocacy campaigns and communications, and supporting fundraising efforts that result in long-term outcomes to protect public lands and the outdoor experience.  

Background: Betsy joined The Mountaineers with ten years of experience in policy, advocacy, and community engagement experience. She previously served as the Policy and Outreach Manager at the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition, where she led advocacy campaigns in support of funding for conservation and recreation projects in Washington state. Earlier in her career, she spent six years in Washington, DC as a legislative aide to Senator Patty Murray and Congressman Rick Larsen. As an outdoor enthusiast and an advocate for our wild places, Betsy is honored for the opportunity to engage The Mountaineers community to protect public lands.

Core Responsibilities: Build and maintain relationships with legislative offices, land managers, and partner organizations; shape and influence conservation and recreation legislation and land management decisions; develop and implement conservation policy and planning campaigns, and oversee implementation of all conservation communications. Serves as a member of the senior leadership team, leads the board-level Conservation and Advocacy Committee and Carbon Footprint Reduction Committee, reports to the CEO.

Outdoor Activities: Trail running, mountaineering, hiking, backpacking, climbing, skiing, cycling

More: After her stint in the nation’s capital, Betsy took a “sabbatical” from policy work and traveled solo for 8 months, attended culinary school, cooked in Seattle-area restaurants and in the South of France, and taught yoga. She still enjoys experimenting in the kitchen when not in the mountains. 

Devon Staff Pic.jpg

Devon Schoos

Adventure Camp & After-School Coordinator

Joined Staff: 2021

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Pronouns: She/Her

As the After-School and Summer Camp Coordinator, Devon works on the creation and delivery of multiple youth programs throughout the year that aim to empower a new generation of outdoor adventurers and stewards.

Background: Born and raised amongst the jagged peaks and flowing waters of Washington state, Devon left the PNW for sunny California to get a dual B.S. in public health and anthropology at Santa Clara University. Her educational background in global health took her to Guatemala after college, where she worked for international youth services organization Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos. She returned to Washington in 2018 to stay for a few months, but once she started skiing and climbing in the Cascades again, she forgot to leave. Since then she has worked with youth in the outdoors as a ski instructor, climbing instructor, and backpacking guide. Devon worked previously at The Mountaineers as the Adventure Camp Coordinator, and is thrilled to be working on Mountaineers youth programs full time now!

Core Responsibilities: Oversees and instructs Mini Mountaineers programs, after-school programs, break camps, and summer camp. Supports the staff and volunteers working with these programs. Reports to the Associate Youth Programs Manager.

Outdoor Activities: Backcountry skiing, climbing, surfing, mountain biking, backpacking

More: Devon lives for Type 2 fun and her favorite days in the mountains are the ones that kinda suck a little bit. She still works closely with Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos on the volunteer board. Devon’s favorite season is whatever season it is when you ask her. She speaks Spanish and likes to read books and write things. In 6th grade she won her school’s Pi Day competition by memorizing 122 numbers of pi. It is her largest accomplishment to date. She thinks it would be very cool to ski all five Washington volcanoes and surf in Alaska. If you need to find her at a social gathering, she will be next to the cheese platter.

Michelle Song Formatted Staff Pic.jpg

Michelle Song

Volunteer Development Manager

Joined Staff: 2021

Phone: 206-521-6042
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Michelle supports The Mountaineers volunteer base of 3,000+ volunteer leaders, instructors, committee members, and branch council members. She oversees development and volunteer recognition programs, as well as all related monthly and annual communications, for both adult and youth programs. Working closely with a mix of staff, key volunteers, and external partners, Michelle collaborates to provide high-quality, impactful programming for Mountaineers volunteers.

Core Responsibilities: Scheduling and success of The Mountaineers robust leadership development and volunteer recognition programs and events. Develop and manage relationships with leadership development presenters and content experts. Develop and implement program volunteer evaluations. Curation of the Education Department’s scheduled and ongoing communications with Mountaineers volunteers. Manage and write content for LeaderLines, quarterly magazine contributions for the Education Department, and Education Department blogs. Reports to the Associate Director of Leadership & Operations.

Background: Michelle is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Change Leadership from Gonzaga University. Prior to starting her Master’s program, she completed her Project Management certification from the University of Washington. She also holds a B.S. in Biology from the University of Washington. Michelle joins The Mountaineers after working for seven years as the Education Programs Manager for the environmental science nonprofit Nature Vision, where she led their programming development and staff management. Her love for serving volunteers and the environment was fostered during her AmeriCorps year with the Edmonds Community College’s Center for Service-learning and South Whidbey Island State Park’s partner organization, Service Education & Adventure.

Outdoor Activities: Backpacking, hiking, kayaking, and snowshoeing

More: Michelle is thrilled to grow her community through The Mountaineers many activity and course offerings, such as sea kayaking. Michelle is also interested in fly fishing and is eager for any pro-tips!


Barbara Sprecher


Joined Staff: 2018

Phone: 206-521-6008
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As Controller, Barbara oversees the Finance Department including financial statements, reporting, and all things numbers. She also works with payroll and Human Resources.

Background: Barbara joins The Mountaineers with a background in financial management for mid-size companies  As a native of Seattle, she grew up boating, hiking, fishing and spending summers in the San Juan Islands.  She has long aspired for a clean environment and loves working with an organization that promotes that mission.  Barbara holds a degree in Business with an emphasis in Accounting from Eastern Oregon University.

Issy Steckel -staff shot.jpg

Isabel "Issy" Steckel

Membership Manager

Joined Staff: 2021

Phone: 206-521-6016 (member services line)
Email Issy

Issy is one of the friendly voices on the phone when you call the Program Center. Her goal is to support members' and volunteers' with various technological needs and create a positive experience through good customer service. She is also a part of our communications team, supporting our membership through social media and other communications channels. 

Core Responsibilities: In Member Services, Issy assists members in course and activity enrollment, supports volunteers in listing programs online, processes cancellations and refunds, onboards new members, processes donations, responds to inquiries from, and provides general support to our membership. In her communications role, Issy manages our social media pages, provides support for Mountaineer magazine, writes and edits blogs, and offers general support for all outgoing communications. Reports to the Communications Manager and the Member Services and Bookstore Manager. 

Background: Growing up in the Bay Area, Issy’s love for outdoor adventure began at sleepaway camp in Yosemite. She was empowered to get outside of her comfort zone through backpacking trips (with a pack that was bigger than she was) and cliff jumping into freezing cold water.

Issy has traveled several interconnected pathways in the world of non-profits, following her passion for building more sustainable, connected, and just communities. Much of her work has focused on providing equitable access to education, including teaching writing to incarcerated students with the Center for Prison Education and bringing empathy education programs into K-12 schools in the Pacific Northwest with Narrative 4. She also has experience working on and for organic farms in Northern Italy, Connecticut, and Seattle.

She is thrilled to join The Mountaineers to share the joy of being outside with everyone!

Outdoor Activities: Trail running, cycling, hiking, backpacking, gardening, and finding every opportunity to soak up some sun



director of Development

Joined Staff: 2017

Phone: 206-521-6006
Email Bri
Pronouns: she/her

As the Development Director, Bri is responsible for overseeing The Mountaineers fundraising program, which raises significant philanthropic support for the programming and publishing efforts of The Mountaineers and Mountaineers Books. She works collaboratively with donors, members, volunteers, foundations, and corporations to advance The Mountaineers’ ambitious outdoor education, youth and family programming, and conservation goals. She inspires our community to give to help The Mountaineers transform lives and protect our wild places for generations to come.

Core Responsibilities: Overall fundraising program oversight, major gift cultivation and solicitation, planned giving program management,  staff liaison to Development Committee, Development communications oversite (annual report, mailed campaigns), special event lead and oversight of corporate and foundation relations. Directly manages Annual Giving Manager, Associate Director of Donor Events and Partnerships, and Associate Director of Development. Member of The Mountaineers Leadership Team. Reports to the CEO.

Background: Bri brings 20 years of professional experience in non-profit development, fundraising, communications, donor stewardship, and event production. With an MBA from Seattle University, her passion for social justice and human connection grounds her in non-profit service. Bri was introduced to The Mountaineers through her contract work on the annual Gala in 2013, and fell in love with the mission and lived values of the community. In previous positions, Bri worked as an fundraising auction consultant  supporting nonprofits all over the country,  and later directed  signature fundraisers and high profile events at Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Seattle University, and Museum of Pop Culture. 

Outdoor Activities: Hiking, urban exploration, backpacking, snowshoeing, fishing, camping,  snowboarding, cloud watching, and meditation

More from Bri: "What inspires me the most about working with The Mountaineers is how "adventure with purpose" encompasses everything we do.  The outdoor experience has played a critical role in my development and I am grateful for the lessons I continue to learn through seasonal rhythms and spending time in the natural environment. I love supporting others to get outside and witnessing the personal growth that occurs as they strengthen their connection with the earth."

Tom VoglTom Vogl

Chief Executive Officer

Joined Staff: 2016

Phone: 206-521-6009

As Chief Executive Officer, Tom oversees the Seattle Program Division, the Publishing Division,  Tacoma facility staff, and Olympia youth staff while reporting to the Board President to work in concert with the Board of Directors. 

Background: Tom joins The Mountaineers with more than 20 years of general management, marketing expertise, and capacity building experience with a variety of organizations, including REI, The Clymb, Redfin, and Dell. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Vogl brings extensive experience in the outdoor industry, including six years as senior vice president for marketing at REI from 2006 to 2012. In the four years prior to joining The Mountaineers staff, he worked as Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Operating Officer in Seattle’s start-up community. His expertise has also impacted several nonprofit organizations. He has served on the board of directors of The REI Foundation, and the Chief Seattle Council of Boy Scouts of America as well as a committee of the National Parks Advisory Board. A passionate climber, backcountry skier and outdoor adventurer, he has explored many wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest since moving to Seattle with his family in 2006.

Core Responsibilities: Provides leadership, direction, and support for The Mountaineers staff. Works with the Board of Directors to support the strategic vision, operational plans, and resourcing to execute the  mission with a high degree of integrity and fiscal responsibility. Represents The Mountaineers with external stakeholders such as financial supporters, partner organizations, legislators, and public land managers. Ensures that the needs of members and the broader outdoor community are well-understood and Mountaineers programs deliver optimal impact. 

Outdoor Activities: Backcountry skiing, mountaineering, rock climbing, backpacking, cycling

More: To me, adventure is all about the excitement of discovery. It’s going to a new place, meeting different people along the way, challenging yourself to try new activities, or nurturing lifelong passions. Living in the Northwest since 2006 and raising a family here has opened up a whole new world of adventures to me. I’m constantly struck by how fortunate we are to live in such a great place.


Hana Wilder

Donor Event & Partnerships Manager

Joined Staff: 2022

Phone: 206-521-6020
Email Hana
Pronouns: she/her

As the Donor Event and Partnerships Manager, Hana collaborates with the development team to ensure the success of The Mountaineers in-personal and virtual fundraising and stewardship events. From conception through execution, she plays a key role in overseeing all aspects of special event planning. Additionally, Hana serves as the primary relationship manager for corporate sponsors who help bolster support for organization-wide programs and priorities.   

Core Responsibilities: Oversees fundraising and stewardship events, event sponsorship cultivation and solicitation, procurement of live and silent auction items, and event communications. Acts as the primary relationship manager for corporate partnerships. Reports to the Development Director.

Background: Hana grew up in Portland, Oregon, and spent most of her life in and around the Pacific Northwest. She attended college at Seattle University, receiving a B.A. in Business Administration and Finance. She joins the team with a background in nonprofit partnerships and special event management. The majority of her nonprofit career has been spent working in U.S. disaster relief. In additional to her role at The Mountaineers, she is also a graduate student, completing her Master of Nonprofit Leadership at Seattle University. 

Outdoor Activities: While not at work, you can find her bouldering, hiking, backpacking, thru-hiking, skiing, and camping. She is also currently learning how to sport climb and snowboard!


Alfe Wood

Associate Director of Development

Joined Staff: 2022

Phone: 206-521-6004
Email Alfe
Pronouns: she/her

As the Associate Director of Development, Alfe collaborates with the Development team to strengthen The Mountaineers culture of philanthropy and help accelerate fundraising and individual donor engagement programs.

Core Responsibilities: As a relationship and community-oriented fundraiser, Alfe works closely with staff, the Board of Directors, and external partners to deepen donor engagement with The Mountaineers strategic priorities and steward a portfolio of donors and prospects to secure major gifts and bequest commitments. Alfe also oversees our grant calendar and leads the implementation of an annual plan for institutional grant-making donors at all levels. Reports to the Development Director.

Background: Alfe is a passionate fundraising professional who is dedicated to cultivating and deepening meaningful partnerships with donors through authentic engagement, developing action plans that center community voice, and fulfilling an organization’s mission and vision. She strives to engage and inspire individuals to give their time, treasure, talent, and testimony to support work that aligns with their values and enriches the greater community. Alfe grew up in southeast Seattle, near Rainier Valley and Columbia City, and received her B.A. in Political Science from the University of Washington. She is currently finishing her M.A. in Nonprofit Leadership from Seattle University, where reflective practice, leadership, and social justice are emphasized in her coursework. She joins The Mountaineers with a strong background in relationship and stakeholder management, events production, fundraising and grants management in higher education, and participatory facilitation.

Outdoor Activities: Alfe is a water sports enthusiast. You can find her scuba diving or snorkeling in Kailua Bay off the west coast of the Big Island of Hawai’i, or paddle boarding in Seattle waters. When she’s not in the water, Alfe is an avid tennis and pickle ball player and is always looking for people to play!

Tacoma Program Center



Joined Staff: 2014

Phone: 253-566-6965

As our Tacoma Program Manager, Sarah is the jack of all trades for the Tacoma Branch. You’ll see her leading youth programs, managing the rental business, and supporting volunteers in any way she can.

Core Responsibilities: Programming and leading all Tacoma Branch Youth Programs, including Explorers, MAC, Summer Camp, and Mountain Workshops; Managing Tacoma Program Center rental business; Managing Tacoma Program Center facility and schedule; Providing advertising/communications/website/building support for Tacoma Branch leaders and members. Reports to Education Director.

Background: A UW grad with a degree in music education, Sarah has taught everything from kindergarten music to high school marching band. After seven years of teaching in local public schools, she decided to shift from teaching music to teaching outdoor skills. An avid hiker since her college days, Sarah’s interest in climbing was piqued after hiking the Wonderland Trail in 2010. In 2012, she found The Mountaineers, completed the Basic Climbing Course, and fell in love with mountaineering. 

Outdoor Activities: Climbing and mountaineering, skiing, cycling, hiking/backpacking

More: When she's not working or chasing after her son, Sarah is also an active Climb Leader and volunteer for The Mountaineers. She currently is working on the Leadership Development Committee, and gets super stoked about finding new and better ways to teach our students and help our leaders grow.


programstaff_BeckyN.jpgBecky Nielsen

Olympia Youth Program manager

Joined Staff: 2018

Phone: 206-521-6044
Email Becky

As the Olympia Branch Youth Program Manager, Becky has her focus on building strong programs for youth specifically in the Olympia Branch. She works in conjunction with qualified volunteer leadership to ensure that all family and youth activities are well supported.

Core Responsibilities: Provides programming and leadership to all of the Olympia Branch Youth Programs, including Summer Camp and Mountain Workshops. Ensures that all logistical details within the youth program are aligned. Provides advertising, communications, and website support to Olympia Branch youth leaders and members. Reports to the Youth Education Manager.

Background: Growing up in the shadow of the Tetons, Becky’s enthusiastic passion for the outdoors has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. With a B.S. in Sociology and an emphasis in international relations from BYU-Idaho, She joins The Mountaineers with over twelve years experience in program development and training management and has developed and directed numerous volunteer-led outdoor programs in multiple countries. She enjoys providing outdoor experiences for adventurers of all skill levels and continually encourages all to get out, explore, and protect our most beautiful places.

Outdoor Activities: Mountaineering, backpacking, alpine skiing, scuba diving, traveling, cycling, rock climbing, kayaking, and wilderness watercoloring

More: The day I moved to Washington and caught the breathtaking glaciated mountains, I knew I would never leave. Every bit of the PNW speaks excitement and adventure, and raising three young girls to appreciate this is invigorating. They will push you to the top of St Helen’s, show all of the best huckleberry patches on Mt Rainier, as well as the coolest streams to soak your feet after a long days hike through the Olympics.  I am honored and excited to work with the next generation of our outdoor enthusiasts by providing others a chance to explore, discover, and create memories.