Staff Picks



director  of sales & marketing

Favorite Destination: 
Cooper Lake or Hoh Rainforest
depending on the season
Bucket List Trip:
Fly fishing in Belize off Cay Caulker
Favorite Outdoor Activities:
Anything outside with my
family and a tent

Darryl’s  Picks

RavensWitness_Covers_WEB.jpg 250f4102-0b0d-4b17-b6ba-bee81ebd5a01.jpg 23562fc9-83eb-4739-8c7b-52c982bc4827.jpg

Favorite book from 2020:  Raven's Witness by Hank Lentfer
You rarely read a book that feels like an autobiography when written by someone else. Such was the friendship between Richard and Hank combined with impeccable research, this book honored a life well-lived. I have to give a shout out to Nature Obscura by Kelly Brenner
 for the unfortunate timeliness of publishing right as lockdown started, in that weird and strange time this book gave a much-needed relief to view the world in the context of your own backyard.     

Favorite all-time book: Minus 148’  by Art Davidson 
One of the all-time greatest mountaineering stories with no ego just youth and passion, it puts you in the tent and the moment.    

 Most dog-eared book: 100 Classic Hikes Washington by Craig Romano (1998 version)
I managed to get through about 75. Current book would be Camping Washington by Ron Judd.


Amber Carrigan

development director 

Favorite Destination:
 Grand Park in Mount Rainier National Park
Bucket List Trip: Norway
Favorite Outdoor Activities: Urban hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, skiing

amber’s picks

PeakNutritionCover_Final_WEB_F.jpg 8ec6bdd0-6522-4f44-9b68-ea52232c5ccc.jpg ba5a5235-4b4f-4aa1-86f6-c84a0dec885d-1.jpeg

Favorite book from 2020: Peak Nutrition by Maria Hines and Mercedes Pollmeier
Favorite all-time book: Karakoram: Climbing Through the Kashmir Conflict by Steve Swenson
Most dog-eared book: Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills 9th Ed


Alison Crabb

Customer service manager 

Favorite Destination:
Salt Creek Recreation Area near Port Angeles
Bucket List Trip: Everglades National Park
Favorite Outdoor Activities: Hiking, camping, and skiing

Alison’s picks

PeakNutritionCover_Final_WEB_F.jpg a19d2f45-c6f1-426f-bb64-2fcd7028042a.jpg PCT_Washington_WEB.jpg

Favorite book from 2020: Peak Nutrition by Maria Hines and Mercedes Pollmeier
Recipes are so good!
Favorite all-time book: Nature Obscura by Kelly Brenner
I couldn’t put it down.
Most dog-eared book: Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail: Washington by Tami Asars 
Specifically the Snoqualmie to Stevens section.


laura grange

marketing manager

Favorite Destination: Cannon Beach, Oregon
Bucket List Trip: Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
Favorite Outdoor Activities: Camping, gardening, backpacking, and hiking with my two dogs and husband

LAURA’s picks

journeys_north_book_cover.jpg Food Grown Right (dragged) 8.png bda36902-1288-4e64-939e-619b295ae8fe.jpeg

Favorite book from 2020: Journeys North by Barney Scout Mann
I love how this book follows the treks of not just the author and his wife, but others on the trail as well. It was so interesting following these separate stories and how they all weave together on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Favorite all-time book:  Food Grown Right, In Your Backyard by Colin McCrate and Brad Halm
I enjoy growing my own food and Food Grown Right has been a valuable resource I turn to time and again when planning my food garden each season.

Most dog-eared book: Best Hikes with Dogs Western Washington by Dan Nelson
We bring our dogs with us everywhere, especially when we go hiking, and this book has been so useful for finding dog-friendly hikes in our area. It's been dog-eared and highlighted to death and we're determined to do every single hike in the book. 


tom helleberg

publisher & director of finance & operations

Favorite Destination:
 Cape Alava on the Ozette Triangle. It’s got everything; coast, forest, sea stacks, wildlife, petroglyphs. The trail is easy enough to be a kid’s first overnight and it definitely has the potential to spoil them for every hike that comes after.
Bucket List Trip: Talking about Bob Marshall does have me thinking about Arctic Alaska, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the top of the list coming out of a quarantine year. I think a cultural destination with more human interaction would come first. If we had shots in the arm today, I’d want to visit family in Copenhagen and explore some new European destinations.
Favorite Outdoor Activities: Backpacking and biking

Tom’s  Picks

EarthAlmanac_cover_Final_WEB_sm.jpg cae9490f-79c5-42fa-bdde-d7a12a28560e.jpeg Camping_WA_Final_WEB.jpg


Favorite book from 2020:  Earth Almanac by Ken Keffer 
The bite-size entries (plus Jeremy Collins’s wonderful illustrations) make it a fun way to sneak a little natural history into a year of unexpected homeschooling.

Favorite all-time book: A Wilderness Original by James Glover and The Big Thaw
I’m going to go with a deep cut here and pick A Wilderness Original, the biography of Bob Marshall. It’s not necessarily the most literary book in the catalog, but I first read it (along with Marshall’s Arctic Village) when I was living in Alaska and frequently in Coldfoot and Wiseman. It’s a little bit of wearing the concert t-shirt at the concert, but I have a pretty indelible association of place with that book. I look at that cover and it reminds me of the Koyukuk River and the view off Atigun Pass.

The Big Thaw is a more recent (and very different) pick from the same territory. It’s difficult to call it a “favorite,” but it is hard to think of a more necessary title in our recent list and the beauty of the photography belies the urgency and importance of the subject matter. If, like me, you love books about Alaska, then you can’t ignore the impact of climate change on permafrost, the Arctic, or the planet.

     Most dog-eared book: Camping Washington by Ron Judd
    There are some books that live in your heart and there are some books that live in your glovebox. The top of that latter list is without a doubt Camping Washington. Ordinarily, I’m staunchly opposed to dog-ears, but in this case I will make an exception.


    janet kimball

    managing editor

    Favorite Destination:
    For family time, Salt Creek Campground on the Olympic Peninsula
    Bucket List Trip: Trekking in Bhutan
    Favorite Outdoor Activities: Hiking, camping, and lake swimming

    janet’s picks

    nature-obscura.jpg SidewaysLookAtClouds_PRINT_S.png 158b828f-27d0-463d-995f-db494460a36d.jpg

    Favorite book from 2020: Nature Obscura by Kelly Brenner 
    Favorite all-time book: A Sideways Look at Clouds by Maria Ruth
    Most dog-eared book: Day Hiking: Central Cascades by Craig Romano


    Marissa litak


    Favorite Destination:
    Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park (see Hike the Parks: Redwood National and State Parks by John Soares for more info!)
    Bucket List Trip: Hike the West Highland Way in Scotland (inspired by Explore Europe on Foot by Cassandra Overby)
    Favorite Outdoor Activities: Hiking, swimming, camping, learning about our region's flora and fauna

    marissa’s picks

    DouglasFir_Covers_Final_PRINT.png nature-obscura.jpg swimmingholes.jpeg

    Favorite book from 2020: Douglas Fir by Stephen F. Arno and Carl E. Fiedler
    Favorite all-time book: Nature Obscura by Kelly Brenner
    Most dog-eared book: Swimming Holes of Washington by Anna Katz and Shane Robinson


    emily white

    acquisitions editor

    Favorite Destination: 
    Any National Wildlife Refuge, Ohio’s Holmes County, Tuolumne Meadows
    Bucket List Trip: I’d love to paddle the Mississippi River from source to sea.
    Favorite Outdoor Activities: Marveling at grass, rocks, and sunshine with my eight-month-old daughter. 

    emily’s picks

    ThisLandofSnow_Covers_Final_WEB.jpg b0140071-caec-4c41-866d-adf544e99837.jpg 5d0762ef-e5ff-4222-9213-9f17a4ccd9bc.jpg

    Favorite book from 2020: This Land of Snow by Anders Morley
    I’m a sucker for long, lonesome journeys, wide-open landscapes, the unexpected kindness of strangers, and beautiful writing.

    Favorite all-time book:
    Hard question! Perhaps Forget Me Not by Jennifer Lowe Anker, Chefs on the Farm: Recipes and Inspiration from the Quillisascut Farm School of the Domestic Arts, or Crown of the Continent by Steven Gnam.

    Most dog-eared book: The High Sierra by RJ Secor 
    My copy has served as constant companion and campsite pillow on many a star-studded Sierra night.


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