2020 Stewardship Award Recipients

2020 Stewardship Award Recipients

2020 STEWARDSHIP LEADER AWARDS -- Each year the Olympia Branch recognizes those members who give back much more than a day of service. These members demonstrate a commitment to stewardship and conservation with years of service by volunteering for local, state and federal organizations.

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Presenter and award winner from left to right: Jennifer Fortin, Eileen Haydu (accepting for herself and Skip)


Frank Maranville Memorial Stewardship Award

The most prestigious stewardship award given by the branch honors Frank Maranville for his decades of perseverance and leadership in trail maintenance and conservation. The award is presented for long-term service to our public lands and our environment.

Skip Wirtz

Shortly after joining The Mountaineers in 2016, Skip went on a stewardship trip to Church Creek. On that trip he discovered a new interest -- trail maintenance using crosscut saws. He was intrigued with these vintage tools and became enthused to learn more about their use and care. In March 2019 he attended Dolly Chapman’s class, learning how to sharpen crosscut saws. Upon returning home he created a workshop and took on the task of sharpening and caring for the Olympia Mountaineers’ crosscut saw collection. For his service in this very technical and highly skilled work, Skip was presented with the "Frank Maranville Memorial Stewardship Award".

Eileen Haydu

Eileen joined The Mountaineers in 2016 and soon developed a passion for the stewardship and conservation program. She has a strong interest in conserving prairies and has led several stewardship activities to restore those ecosystems, earning her "Stewardship Leader" and "Trail Crew Leader" badges. Eileen's leadership also made it possible for The Mountaineers to assist in the four-day, multi-organizational Slab Camp Creek bridge replacement in the Buckhorn Wilderness. She earned her crosscut sawyer certification from the USFS and uses her skills to clear the trails and to care for these very specialized tools. In 2019 Eileen received the "Stewardship Achievement" and the "Super Volunteer" awards. The "Frank Maranville Memorial Stewardship Award" was presented to Eileen for her leadership and service in trail maintenance and conservation projects.

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Eileen Haydu and Skip Wirtz, 2020 Frank Maranville Memorial Stewardship Award recipients