Olympia Branch

Olympia Branch

The Olympia Mountaineers is the South Sound connection to The Mountaineers, a Northwest tradition over one hundred years in the making.

Community events & activities


Reach out to the activity or course chair with your questions.

meet the Olympia Branch open house

The open house is held each year on the first Thursday in January. Community members learn about Olympia Mountaineers activities and courses from the Olympia Mountaineers volunteers. It will be held on January 7, 2021 on Zoom.


The Festival is returning to the Capitol Theater for in-house viewing is on September 9 and 10! While tickets are not yet available, mark you calendar now. See this blog entry for more details.


The social gathering, potluck, and adventure speaker series is on hold due to Covid-19 guidelines. 

Used Gear Sale

The Used Gear Sale is normally held in spring.

recognition and awards banquet

The recognition and awards banquet is held on the fourth Saturday in October and honors course graduates and activity award winners. In normal times, the event includes a dinner and an inspirational speaker. On October 24, 2020, we had a fun virtual event with good attendance. We are not likely to have a banquet this year, 2021, so be sure to attend the Picnic! see below. 

annual picnic AUGUST 4th WED 5 pm

This year, 2021, we plan to have a special, catered picnic with a fabulous speaker as well as student and volunteer recognition.  Sort of like a mini and early banquet.  Yep, we are hedging our bets, and using the warm weather to get everyone together SAFELY by holding a combo picnic and banquet (hmm...picquet?) on August 4, a Wednesday, in the evening. Details forthcoming, but hold that evening free!  https://www.mountaineers.org/locations-lodges/olympia-branch/events/picnic-extravaganza.

Courses & activities

Olympia Mountaineers offers a variety of courses, trips, stewardship and family activities.  Check out how we have fun outdoors.

Olympia Mountaineers

Awards & recognition

Olympia Mountaineers can earn various activity Award Badges Members are recognized for service to the chapter at the annual Awards and Recognition banquet.


Our library collection consists of around 1400 titles, including books, maps, games, picture puzzles, atlases, DVDs, CDs and videos covering most outdoor activities, some history and cultural information relevant to the Pacific Northwest.  We have books on where to go ( both in the US and abroad), histories and stories.  We have a good selection of books for children to read and books about doing activities with children. We have virtually all the books published by Mountaineers Books and by many other publishers. Librarian Maxine Dunkelman

To borrow a book, resource, or bear canister, learn more on our Library page.

reserve equipment

Olympia Mountaineers keeps equipment at various locations.  Sergey Frolov is the equipment manager. To reserve laptops, avy beacons, radios, projectors and related equipment.


We communicate with members through Mountaineers blogs, Facebook pages and Mountaineers publications such as Conservation Currents, quarterly Mountaineers Magazines, LeaderLines, and the Olympia branch email.

Policies and Olympia Branch documents

Policy Manual

Council Meeting Minutes


Olympia Branch Council, Meeting Minutes and commitTee chairs 

Olympia policies require the Branch Chair to appoint a nominating committee of not less than three members, typically in March of each year. Nominees are then (generally) presented at the May Branch Meeting, where nominations from the floor may be made. Elections then traditionally occur by ballots  that are due in  mid-June. All positions serve 1-year terms (except for trustee and social chair, who serve 2 years).