Olympia Trail Running Committee

Olympia Trail Running Committee

We're still running! If you're interested in running trails in the South Sound with the Olympia Mountaineers during reduced activities phases, please email Julie to find out more.

Welcome to the Olympia Mountaineers Trail Running Group!

The trail running community is one of the fastest growing segments in sports for a host of reasons. Whether it’s the diverse community of like minded people that it has garnered, the peace and meditative state from being in nature and pushing physical boundaries, the playfulness of running through the woods, jumping over obstacles, hopping off rocks, or its effects of keeping you young and sharp both physically and mentally, trail running has a way of bringing out the best in us, ultimately challenging us to face who we are and what were made of. Trail running offers a community of all skill levels and all ages, as you will either learn or already understand, there truly is no ceiling for what this sport can bring you.

If you are the least bit interested we encourage you to join us on one of our hosted runs. Were looking forward to building a community of trail runners to share weekly local runs, weekend jaunts and trail running tips. There are so many trails out our back door and in our local parks, as well as in the mountains. Whether you are an experienced runner or new to running, there is sure to be a local run or outing suited to your abilities, if not, lets create one.

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