Olympia Conservation & Stewardship Committee

Olympia Conservation & Stewardship Committee

Conservation Committee, Current Stewardship Activities - Stewardship Partners and Recognition and Stewardship Awards.


Current Stewardship Activities

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Stewardship Partners

If you would like to complete a stewardship project outside of the mountaineers, you can consider working with some of our Stewardship Partners.  


Documentation of stewardship hours report form

This form was created to document the stewardship hours  performed by Mountaineers who participate in non-Mountaineer lead stewardship activities. Use this form to enter the hours you spent participating in a non-Mountaineer stewardship activity only; because Mountaineer activities are tracked separately. 

Stewardship Form

Recognition and Stewardship Awards     

Each year, the Olympia Branch Conservation Committee recognizes branch members for their spirit of stewardship and their contribution to protecting, preserving and restoring our natural world. One of the original and still a leading core concept of The Mountaineers is Conservation – ethics toward the land and our use of the land. People who contribute to the Conservation efforts in the PNW recognize that their Stewardship efforts make an important contribution to maintaining the quality of life and lifestyle we enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest.

The Crew Leader Award

The Frank Maranville Memorial Stewardship Award

Learn more about 2017 award recipients