Olympia Conservation & Stewardship Committee

Olympia Conservation & Stewardship Committee

We foster interest in natural resource conservation and provide opportunities to advocate for conservation issues, to organize and lead stewardship work parties, and to develop and present conservation education.

Current Stewardship Activities

Participate in one of our many stewardship activities to have fun, to conserve public lands, and to earn a Stewardship Credit skills badge.

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Stewardship Partners

If you decide to volunteer for a stewardship project outside of The Mountaineers, consider working with one of our Stewardship Partner organizations. For more information, contact either the Mountaineers liaison or the Partner Organization directly.

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Reporting Stewardship Hours

Report your volunteer hours with a non-Mountaineers conservation organization using your "My Volunteer Hours" page, found in your profile. Hours from official Mountaineers stewardship activities are recorded automatically in a different process.

Recognition and Stewardship Awards

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Each year, the Conservation & Stewardship Committee recognizes branch members for their spirit of stewardship and their contribution to protecting, preserving, and restoring our natural world.  Conservation, ethics toward the land and our use of the land, is one of the original and still leading core concepts of The Mountaineers.  People who are a part of the conservation effort recognize that their stewardship work makes an important contribution to maintaining the quality of life and lifestyle we enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest.

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