Olympia Library

Thanks to our hard-working library volunteers, the Olympia Branch maintains the only library in the club.

The Olympia Mountaineers maintains a library for members. Our library collection includes books, maps, DVDs, and other printed materials. The collection covers all activities of the Mountaineers club, including  hiking, climbing (rock, ice, and glacier), backpacking, biking, snowshoeing, nordic skiing, sea kayaking, whitewater boating, trail running, caving, natural history, environmental issues, fitness and training, first aid, photography, and some history and cultural information. We have nearly all of the books published by Mountaineers Books.

You can review the catalog by clicking on the links to the right. There is an Excel version, which you can download, or a browser Page version, which you can review in your browser (search using [Ctrl-F].

Current Mountaineers members may request books, maps, videos, and bear-resistant food containers.

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