Olympia Alpine Scrambling Committee

Olympia Alpine Scrambling Committee

The Olympia Alpine Scrambling Committee offers a Scrambling course each year between February and June. Trips are scheduled year round.

Trips & Courses

Alpine scrambling trips are off-trail, often on snow or rock, with a non-technical summit as a destination. They are scheduled primarily for Alpine Scrambling Course students to complete course requirements. Trips are also open to Mountaineers members who are Alpine Scrambling Course or Basic Alpine Climbing Course graduates (or equivalents) and Intermediate Alpine Climbing Course students or graduates. Sign up and arrange carpooling with the leader no later than two days before the trip if it is on a weekday and by Thursday if the trip is on a weekend. Boots and clothing appropriate for the season and weather conditions, along with the Ten Essentials and the equipment identified by the scramble leader, are required. USGS maps listed are 7.5 minute, unless otherwise noted. Contact the leader for other useful and appropriate maps.

Our alpine scrambling courses are offered annually between February and June.

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