Olympia Nordic Ski Committee

Olympia Nordic Ski Committee

Come ski with us! We are currently seeking cross-country ski leaders for trips and instructors for the course and field trip. Contact the chair if you are interested in leading some wintery adventures or helping teach for the Olympia Nordic Ski Committee!

basic cross country (nordic) skiing course

This course is designed for those completely new to classic cross country (nordic) skiing as well as those with some experience who want to  improve their skills and learn about winter recreation safety. 

The lectures in this introductory course cover winter hazards and ailments, cold weather clothing and gear, the 10 essentials, winter recreation etiquette and Avalanche Awareness.  We also cover topics specific to cross country skiing basics such as equipment, where to ski, clothing and ski maintenance.

 The required, day-long field trip covers basic skills needed to ski on groomed, tracked areas or un-groomed trails such as logging roads. Instruction includes diagonal stride, downhill techniques for speed control, uphill travel and turning. Skate skiing and backcountry skiing (alpine touring, telemark) are not taught in this course.

Eligibility: This course is open to anyone.

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