Seattle Backpacking Roster Retention Policy

Policy for retention of leaders and instructors in the Seattle Backpacking roster.

Retention Policy

In order to keep the contents of the Seattle Backpacking roster up to date, leaders and instructors may be removed from the committee roster from time to time according to the following criteria.

Reason Inactivity Period

Leader Inactivity

3 years with additional 1 year grace period
Instructor Inactivity 4 years
Expiration of Mountaineers Membership 2 years

Leaders who have been inactive for more than 3 years but less than 10 years  will be notified via email they they are at risk of losing their leadership status.  If the leader does not lead a trip within 1 year of being notified, the leader may be removed from the roster.

 Leaders who have been inactive for 10 years or more may be removed without a grace period.


The roster retention policy takes into consideration the following requirements, some of which favor longer retention periods whereas others favor shorter ones.

  • The need to keep the roster up to date.
  • The need to accommodate the normal ups and downs of volunteer activity.  Many Mountaineers are long term volunteers whose available time varies depending on other things going on in their lives.  
  • The need to make sure that leader and instructor skills stay up to date.   Most technical and leadership skills are perishable and need to maintained through practice, refresher courses, etc.
  • The need to  limit the amount of volunteer time required to maintain the committee roster.

The policy attempts to find a reasonable balance between these  requirements, and is necessarily a compromise.

A much longer discussion of the retention policy can be found in the Seattle Backpacking Roster Retention Policy Document.