Seattle Branch Backpacking

Seattle Branch Backpacking

The Seattle branch leads more than 10 backpack trips each year throughout Washington.  Explore the wilderness of the North Cascades, the Mount Rainier Wilderness, the Mount Baker Wilderness  or the Olympic Mountains through weekend or week-long backpack adventures with Mountaineers leadership.  Experience the solitude, simplicity and independence that only backpacking can offer.

Classes are available on beginning backpacking, navigation, backcountry first aid, and leadership.  Improving your skills will add to your backcountry experience. 

Lead backpack trips! Share your favorite places and your love of backpacking with others.

Learn about some great easy backpack trips!

Travel following the Leave No Trace principles.

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Here are some great reads:
  • Allen and Mike's Really Cool Backpackin' Book, Allen O'Bannon and Mike Clelland.  An irreverent look at backpacking techniques, replete with lots of fun cartoons.  This is a supplementary text for the backpacking class.
  • Outdoor Leadership: Technique, Common Sense, and Self-confidence, John Graham.  Required text for the Seattle branch Leadership Class.