Seattle Hiking Committee

Seattle Hiking Committee

Seattle hiking committee organizes multi-day courses, single day seminars and day hikes all year long. We are on the trails rain or shine, and always carry the ten essentials!

OUr HIking Courses


This course is designed to prepare seasoned hikers currently experienced at the upper easy/moderate level for the challenges of strenuous, long-distance day hiking. It provides a group-trip environment in which hikers can build friendships by hiking with some of the same people on each trip. Two required hikes per month, a graduation hike in October, and a fun day of conservation work will take you from short, easy hikes to being able to participate in the easy and moderate level hikes that will get you out to the stunning vistas and trails that surround us.

Advanced Conditioning Hiking Series

The advanced program builds on the skills and abilities you gained in Conditioning Hiking Series and has trips around the state for a wide variety of day hiking experiences. You'll have the opportunity to hike even farther and higher in a safe group environment.

Both the regular and advanced Conditioning Hiking Series courses open for sign up at the beginning of February and get started in April.

Wilderness Skills

A fun, interactive course for people new to hiking or hiking in the Pacific Northwest. Learn the core skills for planning trips, and going hiking. Topics cover gear selection/options, boots & packs, navigation tools/practices, handling wilderness emergencies, conditioning and building up to do longer hikes, the 10+ essential systems in your pack, leave no trace and other topics.  To complete the course attend 2 workshops, go on one stewardship field trip, and then finish 4 club hikes during the summer.

Typically offered in May.


The bread and butter of the Seattle hiking committee are the day hikes we lead every week. We list over 100 hikes each year that happen mid-week and on the weekend. We travel all over the state and have trips ranging from easy to strenuous depending on your fitness level or interest level.  

Learn about the difficulty ratings of hikes and don't be afraid to touch base with the leader of the trip to see if it is a good fit for you!

Find a trip today!

Become a hike leader!

We are always looking for new hike leaders to lead hikes. It's a fantastic way to meet new people, explore new places and give back to The Mountaineers community. Requirements include attending a 2.5 hour seminar, completing the hike leader application below, and successfully leading a mentored hike with an approved current hike leader. You should also be a current Mountaineers member and have participated in at least 3 club day hikes (non urban hikes).  For more information about  becoming a hike leader please email

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