Collateral from the lectures

2019 Lecture #1 - Course overview, Field trip #1

Google document:

PDF document icon 2019_Lecture1.pdf — PDF document, 3.56 MB

2018 Lecture #2

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation icon 2018 Basic Alpine Lecture 2.pptx — Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, 25.97 MB

2016 Lecture #2 Presentation

Rappel, Belay, Belay Escape and Anchors

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation icon 2016 Lecture 2 Rappel, Belay, Belay Escape and Anchors.pptx — Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, 18.34 MB

2016 Lecture #3 Presentation

Alpine Rock

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation icon Basic Lecture 3 (Alpine Rock Climbing) March 9, 2016.pptx — Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, 51.12 MB

2016 Lecture #4 Presentation (Snow Travel)

2016 Lecture #4 Presentation (Snow Travel)

PDF document icon 2016 L4 Presentation.pdf — PDF document, 7.93 MB

2016 Lecture #4 Presentation (Snow Camping Appendix)

Snow Travel, Anchors, Belays & Avalanche Awareness (Snow Camping Appendix)

PDF document icon 2016 Lecture #4 Presentation (Snow Travel).pdf — PDF document, 3.04 MB
Snow Travel Tutorial

Snow Travel Tutorial

This tutorial addresses snow travel where specific skills are necessary for safety. You must know these skills well or you will be a liability to yourself and your party