Olympia Conditioning Hiking Series

This course is part of the Olympia Branch Hiking and Backpacking Committee. It offers participants the chance to develop their fitness capabilities, hike with many of the same people throughout the duration of the course, and reach new distance and elevation goals. OR if you are an experienced hiker who wants to enhance your capabilities, hike further and higher, explore the majestic mountains and trails so readily available to us in the Pacific Northwest.

Prerequisites: None
Eligibility: open to all members
Description:  The course generally begins in April and requires two hikes per month, a graduation hike in September, and a fun day of conservation work. The course will take you from short, easy hikes to being able to participate in the easy and moderate level hikes that will get you out to the stunning vistas and trails that surround us. No longer will you feel unable to participate in the hikes you see online as you increase your capabilities and fitness level.