Trail Work Online Resources

Trail Work Online Resources

A list of online resources useful to volunteers working on trails.

Table of Contents


U.S. Forest Service

Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook, 2007 Edition

Wetland Trail Design and Construction, 2007 Edition

Building Mountain Bike Trails

Equestrian Design Guidebook for Trails, Trailheads, and Campgrounds

Trail Fundamentals and Trail Management Objectives

Standard Trail Plans and Specifications

Handtools for Trail Work, 2005 Edition

Hand Drilling and Breaking Rock for Wilderness Trail Maintenance

Breaking Rocks with Non- or Low-Explosives

Griphoist and Rigging Techniques Presentation

Your Hardhat: Inspection and Maintenance

Note: Library Cards contain citation information and links to HTML and lower-resolution PDF versions of the publications.


U.S. National Park Service

Trail Safe!


The National Wilderness Skills Institute (NWSI)

NWSI 2021 Program


Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA)

Trail Skills College

100 Intro to Trail Maintenance

101 Brushing and Scouting

102 Tread and Drainage

107 Hand Tool Field Maintenance

200 Basic Trail Design

201 Drainage Design & Drain Dips

203 Waterbars & Checks

205 Tread Re-Construction

207 Trail Decommission & Wildland Restoration

300 Rock Retaining Walls

302 Drainage Crossings

306 Working with Packers & Packstock