Creating Lectures That Engage, Excite, and Inform - Matthew Palubinskas

Matty P (Matt Palubinskas) is a high school science educator and Mountaineers volunteer and climb leader. He has been recognized as Volunteer of the Year and the Seattle Branch Climb Leader of the Year for his service within the Mountaineers community. He is an avid mountaineer, skier, backpacker, hiker, and ice and rock climber who is active with Seattle Mountain Rescue, is a certified EMT and ski patroller at Snoqualmie Pass. He is widely praised for the lectures he provides in our climbing courses. Matt gave this presentation to share his experience using best practices for creating engaging lectures. He covered tips and tricks for keeping students engaged in the learning process, for even with the most mundane topics. He discussed methods he uses to design and deliver creative and compelling seminars and lectures that (1) keep students engaged, (2) convey the necessary factual information in a way they retain, and (3) excites them to engage with what is being taught! When students are engaged in meaningful activities, they retain and recall the information and skills more effectively, and ultimately are better prepared for the outdoors.