Conservation & Advocacy Committee

Conservation & Advocacy Committee

The Conservation & Advocacy Committee provides expertise and guidance to advance The Mountaineers conservation and advocacy work. Working directly with the Conservation & Advocacy Director and the CEO, the Committee supports the organization’s efforts to influence public policy and land management to protect public lands and preserve the outdoor experience.

The Mountaineers is proud to continue its long legacy of conservation, utilizing education, stewardship, and protect the public lands that make our adventures possible. By engaging on policy issues affecting public lands and land management planning, we can help ensure access to these places for our members and the broader outdoor community for generations to come. But The Mountaineers doesn’t do this work alone, we rely on a wealth of expertise - both within The Mountaineers and across the conservation and recreation community.

About the Conservation & Advocacy Committee

The Conservation & Advocacy Committee is a standing committee of The Mountaineers Board of Directors, tasked with advising The Mountaineers staff on conservation policy issues of potential importance to Mountaineers members and stakeholders. The committee also consists of members of The Mountaineers Advisory Council and other dedicated outdoor advocates from both within and outside of the organization. Committee members bring a deep expertise in conservation policy, communications, advocacy, and law, as well as a passion for protecting the Northwest’s landscapes.

The committee’s strong connections in the conservation community include relationships with elected officials, tribe leaders, and organizations like the Mountains to Sound Greenway and The Wilderness Society, which serves as a huge asset to our conservation and advocacy program. Our efforts to grow our conservation policy influence and engage our members as stewards and advocates for our lands and waters consistently benefit from the committee’s perspective.

The committee meets regularly to discuss important legislative and management developments, current issues in the conservation space, and strategies to engage our members in this important work. You can learn more about the Conservation & Advocacy Committee’s members and current work in this blog post.

Committee Members


  • Roger Mellem, C&A Committee Chair, Board
  • Brynne Koscianski, Board
  • Gabe Aeschliman, Board
  • Maya Magarati, Board
  • Mark Walters, Advisory Council
  • Elizabeth Lunney, Advisory Council
  • Thomas O'Keefe, Advisory Council
  • Deloa Dalby
  • Stephen Tan


  • Betsy Robblee, Conservation & Advocacy Director
  • Conor Marshall, Advocacy and Engagement Manager
  • Tom Vogl, CEO
  • Helen Cherullo, Executive Director, Braided River
  • Erika Lundahl, Conservation Impact Manager, Mountaineers Books/Braided River


Get Involved in Conservation

Interested in learning more about the Conservation & Advocacy Committee, or have a question about conservation at The Mountaineers? Email our conservation team at The best way to stay abreast of the latest developments in conservation policy and public lands management in our region is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter Conservation Currents.

Image of Lake Ann in the Sawtooth Roadless Area, Okanogan National Forest. Photo by Thomas O'keefe.