2017 Leadership Conference

The Mountaineers annual one-day leadership development conference for volunteers.

J.R. Harris - 2017 Keynote Presentation

From Freeze-Dried Food to Funky Feet: Trail Talk from an Old Dirt Kicker

PDF document icon JRHarris_TrailTalk_2017Presentation.pdf — PDF document, 13.98 MB

Ava Holliday - 2017 Presentation

Uncovering Unconscious Bias for More Inclusive Outdoor Experiences

PDF document icon AvaHolliday_UncoveringUnconsciousBias_2017Presentation.pdf — PDF document, 13.30 MB

Brian Carpenter - 2017 Presentation

Teaching Outdoor Skills: Break It Down

PDF document icon BrianCarpenter_BreakItDown_2017Presentation.pdf — PDF document, 1.13 MB

Erika Halm - 2017 Presentation

Student Management and Group Culture

PDF document icon ErikaHalm_StudentManagementGroupCulture_2017Presentation.pdf — PDF document, 1.79 MB

Bree Loewen - 2017 Presentation

Divided We Fall: Short Stories of Companionship and Chaos

PDF document icon BreeLoewen_DividedWeFall_2017Presentation.pdf — PDF document, 311 KB

Tom Unger - 2017 Presentation

Forming Compatible and Cohesive Groups

PDF document icon TomUnger_CompatibleCohesiveGroups_2017Presentation.pdf — PDF document, 4.60 MB

Food Dehydration - 2017 Presentation

Lunchtime Mini-Session presented by Felicia Wibowo, Karen Cramer, and Diane Gelotte.

PDF document icon FoodDehydration_2017Presentation.pdf — PDF document, 1.22 MB

Food Dehydration - 2017 Recipes

Compiled by Felicia Wibowo, Karen Cramer, and Diane Gelotte.

PDF document icon FoodDehydration_2017Recipes.pdf — PDF document, 491 KB

Becca Catlin - 2017 Presentation

Common Injuries & Injury Prevention

PDF document icon BeccaCatlin_InjuryPrevention_2017Presentation.pdf — PDF document, 7.29 MB

Steve McClure - 2017 Presentation

Freedom 9 Updates: Clothing, Equipment, Camping, and Navigation

PDF document icon SteveMcClure_F9Updates_2017Presentation.pdf — PDF document, 3.92 MB