Clubwide Activity Standards

Clubwide Activity Standards - Alpine Scrambling

This standard applies to organization-sponsored trips with summit destinations and off-trail travel, known as Alpine Scrambles.

PDF document icon Min_Std_Alpine_Scrambling_BLC approved 1-18-2017.pdf — PDF document, 25 KB

Clubwide Activity Standards - Canyoning

This standard applies to organization-led canyoning trips and courses.

PDF document icon Canyoning Activity Standards.pdf — PDF document, 135 KB

Clubwide Activity Standards - Climbing

This standard applies to organization-sponsored climbing activities.

PDF document icon Clubwide Activity Standards - Climbing 2019.pdf — PDF document, 299 KB

Clubwide Activity Standards - Hiking & Backpacking

This standard applies to organization-sponsored mountain trips on established hiking routes longer than 2 miles round trip.

PDF document icon Hiking and Backpacking Standards 4-19.pdf — PDF document, 211 KB

Clubwide-Activity-Standards - Recreational Properties

This standard applies to the use of organization recreational properties and operation of lodges, including, but not limited to Baker Lodge, Kitsap Cabin, Meany Lodge, Snoqualmie Campus, and Stevens Lodge.

PDF document icon Min Std_Rec Properties.pdf — PDF document, 88 KB

Clubwide Activity Standards - Sea Kayaking

This standard applies to organization-sponsored sea kayaking trips in saltwater or freshwater.

PDF document icon Sea Kayak Standards 4.18.18.pdf — PDF document, 327 KB

Clubwide Activity Standards - Snowshoeing

This standard applies to organization-sponsored trips where snowshoes are used except for alpine scrambles and climbs that may use snowshoes for travel in winter conditions.

PDF document icon Snowshoeing Minimum Standards-Jan 2018.pdf — PDF document, 533 KB

Clubwide Activity Standards - Skiing

This standard applies to organization-sponsored ski activities and trips.

PDF document icon Club Skiing Standards.pdf — PDF document, 92 KB

Clubwide Activity Standards - Navigation

Clubwide Activity Standards for Navigation

Microsoft Word Document icon Clubwide Activity Standards Navigation 2017-01-16 Issue-3 (2).docx — Microsoft Word Document, 41 KB