Wilderness Navigation Rebadge information

Wilderness Navigation Rebadge information

Information on how to renew your Wilderness Navigation Badge

Your Basic Navigation Badge will expire after 3 years.

  • To see when your current badge expires, hover your mouse over the badge in your profile and a pop-up will display the expiration date.
  • To renew your badge that you previously earned, you need to instruct at a Wilderness Navigation workshop and a Wilderness Navigation field trip (Intro to Map & Compass field trips do not qualify). 
  • There is no cost associated with this activity.  

Here is what you need to do:

  • Sign up as an instructor for the latest Seattle Wilderness Navigation Course from this list: Seattle Navigation Courses.
    • Sign up as an instructor for a workshop. Let us know if you need help signing up.
    • Sign up as an instructor for a field trip.
    • NOTE: If your badge has expired, you may not be able to sign up for the course because the website thinks you don't have the required prerequisites. If you cannot sign up, proceed to the next step below

  • Send an email to Seattle Navigation Chairs and request a rebadge - we can mark you as a rebadge candidate in the current course. In the email, indicate the following:
    • I signed up for the current WNav course as an instructor, and I was able to sign up for the workshop and field trip activity of my choice.
    • My badge expired/could not sign up. Please review the current workshop and field trip activity schedule and designate which sessions you would like to attend. You will be signed up for the main course and the activities that you specified.
    • Date that you graduated from the course, or when the last rebadge event occurred. This should be listed in your "My Courses and Programs" profile.

  • IMPORTANT: As a final step after you have successfully completed both the workshop and the field trip, send an email to Seattle Navigation Chairs  so we can mark you as completed. Failing to do this will likely delay receipt of your badge.

Need more information, contact: Seattle Navigation Chairs