Seattle Wilderness Navigation - course rollover.

Seattle Wilderness Navigation - course rollover.

How to apply for a Wilderness Navigation Course rollover

If you completed some activities but could not complete the full Wilderness Navigation Course, it may be possible to apply to be admitted into the next scheduled instance of the Wilderness Navigation Course (with no fee) to complete the remaining activities. You must apply before the very next Wilderness Navigation course registration starts. Only 1 rollover event is permitted.   After that you will have to take and pay for the full course again. 

To apply, please send an email to Seattle Navigation Chairs  with:

  • Which course instance you did not complete, including the date and full course name.
  • A short explanation of what prevented you from completing the requirements.
  • Which activities you completed, and which activities you need to complete.
  • Please identify any Wilderness Navigation activity "no shows" that you have, along with an explanation of why these resulted.

You will be notified with your next steps.