Seattle Navigation Courses and Programs

The Seattle Navigation Committee offers the following courses:

  • Wilderness Navigation Course: this is the comprehensive navigation course that is required by many other Mountaineers courses. It covers the use and integration of Map, Compass, Altimeter, and GPS.
  • Wilderness Navigation Equivalency:  Already have the skills, go to the  Equivalency for Seattle Wilderness Navigation page for more information and how to apply.
  • Introduction to Map and Compass: an overview of map and compass, designed to be an entry level introductory course.
  • Instructor Training for Wilderness Navigation: Training specifically for the wilderness navigation's workshop and field trip.
  • Mentoring for Wilderness Navigation Students: extra 1-on-1 help for students
  • Introduction to GPS and Trip Planning: entry level class for GPS and navigational aspects of digital trip planning.
  • Special event instruction throughout the outdoors community (varies by year).
  • Special projects to improve the wilderness navigation experience (varies by year).

find Currently scheduled SEATTLE NAVIGATION Courses and PROGRAM offerings:

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