May 2015 News

May 2015 Seattle Climbing News
May 2015 News
  • The Mount Rainier Rangers report that snow conditions at Paradise are those typically seen in mid-July.  Also, the road to the White River Campground (east side) is now open.
  • The Leavenworth Forest Service Lottery results have been received.   We received nearly every User Day we requested.  Only one or two field trips did not get the User Days they needed.
  • If your field trip will NOT be using the allocated User Days, please let Katherine Hollis know as soon as possible.  Intense Basic and Advanced Rock courses can use those days.
  • The 2015 Climbing Seminar series is finished for the year.  Attendance was way up.  Many thanks to our Seminar Committee!
  • Seattle Climbing is looking at various options for subsidizing the purchase and yearly subscriptions for personal beacons.