Seattle Climbing Home Page

Seattle Climbing Home Page

Welcome to the Seattle Climbing website, describing the many courses and activities offered by the Seattle Mountaineers.

Let's Go Climb Something!!!

New to the Mountaineers Climbing?

We are a volunteered-fueled community of climbers of all skill levels.  We offer:
  • Opportunities to Explore and Experience Climbing
  • Courses & Seminars to Learn new Skills 
  • A Community to develop Climbing Partners & Friends
  • A World Class in-town teaching Facility
  • And, just having fun.
The Seattle Climbing Committee meets monthly on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm, from September through June at the Seattle Program Center. (We take the summer off to climb.) Anyone is welcome to attend.
If you are interested in joining the Seattle Climbing Committee or helping with our courses and programs, please contact the .

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