July 2015 News

July 2015 Seattle Climbing News
July 2015 - Seattle Climbing News
  • We are out climbing, scrambling, and hiking in July and August.
  • The Denali Girls summitted  the first weekend in June. Nice climb, with all back safely.
  • 20 Intense Basic students completed all of the lectures and field trips in 9 days.  The snow field trips, held near the Mount Baker Ski area, even managed to take place on real snow.
  • 76 Seattle climbs were offered in June, and currently 58 climbs are scheduled in July (as of July 2, with more to certainly be added).
  • The Mount Rainier Climbing Rangers are reporting foxes are at Camp Muir: "Keep your food storage scene tight".  Also, ladders are now being used on the Disappointment Cleaver route. The Emmons Winthrop route is in relatively good shape with the bergschrund cross-able in several locations (June 24).
  • The Climbing Committee will next meet the first Tuesday in September (at 7 pm).