August 2015  News

August 2015 News

Climbing News - August 2015
August 2015 - Seattle Climbing News
  • We are out climbing, scrambling, hiking, kayaking, and sailing this August. On July 30, a few of us even took part in RAMROD (Ride Around Mount Rainier in One Day).
  • Mountaineer Executive Director, Martinique Grigg, graduated from the Basic Alpine course  in July.  Congradulations!   Also, she recently became a Hike leader.
  • 43 Basic and 43 Intermediate Seattle climbs are currently scheduled in August & September, with more to certainly be added.
  • A select subcommittee is looking into the opportunities and challenges of modularizing the Seattle Basic Climbing Course into 3 or 4 self-contained modules.  We already offer a very successful Glacier Travel module, and have a course (Intro To Rock) that could be slightly enhanced to form a Rock module.  Alpine Travel and Snow Travel skills still need to be incorporated into any modular program.
  • The Mount Rainier Climbing Rangers are reporting that the DC route is in good shape, with 2 ladders currently (July 30) in place.   Be mindful of rockfall on Disappointment Cleaver and consider shortening your rope.  The Emmons route is "holding together nicely" with the upper route being steep and icy.  Inter Glacier is melting rapidly, with rock fall reported. 
    The Mount Rainier Climbing blog  is updated frequently by the climbing rangers. 
  • Seattle Climbs have been nearly incident-free this summer. There have been a few mishaps but all walked out on their own. (The Seattle Safety Officer, no doubt, is pleased.)
  • The Seattle Climbing Chair has been spending a couple of weeks in Yosemite, doing some really impressive route by all accounts.
  • The Climbing Committee will next meet the first Tuesday in September (at 7 pm). Interested in helping?  You are enthusiastically invited to attend.  (Dinner will be served.)