About Intermediate Backpacks

About Intermediate Backpacks

What is an Intermediate Backpack?

Intermediate Backpacks are part of the Seattle Intermediate Backpacking Program.

Most Intermediate Backpacks are planned collaboratively at periodic Intermediate Backpacking Trip Planning Sessions where leaders and participants work together to discuss trip ideas and develop them into specific trips.  Because of this collaborative planning process, Intermediate Backpacks are often posted on the Mountaineers website with their rosters already partially or completely filled.

At the leaders discretion, Intermediate Backpacks may be open only to members of the Intermediate Backpacking Program, or with preference to members of the Program (usually by allowing Program members to register in advance of the general registration opening date).

Intermediate Backpacks usually have one or both of the following attributes:

  • They may be more technically demanding than a typical Mountaineers backpacking trip. 
  • They may require a higher level of participant commitment than a typical Mountaineers backpacking trip.