Event Details

Overview of events offered at Meany Lodge


We are an all volunteer community, not a 4 star hotel. Meany Lodge provides a warm family environment for all. With room, board and hot showers, it’s perfect for winter and summer adventures.  You provide your own sleeping bag and toys (from skis to board games), and the lodge provides most everything else, including food.  If you have allergies or dietary restrictions, please contact us and we’ll work with you.

Given the volunteer nature of Meany, guests are expected to complete a daily housekeeping chore in addition to washing their own dishes and an additional “pot or pan”.

When visiting Meany, always register for your event, even when attending our free work parties.  This ensures we have enough leaders and food for everyone joining us.

Lastly, remember Meany Lodge is a remote facility in mountainous terrain.  Things can go wrong – power may be lost, heavy snow may make road travel impractical, etc.  While we are a trained volunteer group, please plan accordingly.


Directions can be a little complicated and vary depending on the time of year.  During summer, google maps will get you to Meany.  If snow is present, you'll need to plan ahead, park at the Crystal Springs Sno-Park and ride TomCat to the lodge. Check out our winter weekends events page for more details.

When snow is present on the pass, please check conditions & prepare your vehicle for winter driving conditions. Vehicles should carry snow shovel, extra clothing, food and water, and tire chains – please practice putting these on ahead of time. Experienced guests have learned it’s wise to install chains (if not already on) when you arrive. Deep snow falling while you are at the lodge may make it more difficult to install chains after you return to the snow park lot.


When snow is present, the road to Meany is closed by the state and the only approach is on foot or via TomCat's strict schedule.  Please arrive at Crystal Springs 20-30 minutes ahead of your departure time so that you can extract gear out of your car and load onto TomCat.  Consider longer if you have children or plan on installing chains on your vehicle.

The 3 mile cat ride to the lodge in bad conditions may last an hour, but usually runs 30 minutes. The cat is unheated and you may be asked to walk a segment of the route, so please dress accordingly and consider a blanket or warm drink for the ride. In the event TomCat breaks down, we’ll try to accommodate transportation using our fleet of snowmobiles, but it may be necessary to ski/hike the 3 miles from the  parking lot to the lodge.

Remember, when packing your gear, assume you’re packing for a 3 mile hike, with the possibility of getting a free ride.  See our beginners guide for packing for meany, and remember to always pack your stuff in a backpack or duffle bag – loose gear, paper / plastic bags, suitcases and crates / boxes are a recipe for disappointment.


Meany is a family friendly environment with children welcome. Lodge volunteers will provide help to any child that asks, but we will also provide direction to unsupervised children and their responsible adult(s). There are rules for safety, including, but not limited to:

  • First time guests MUST contact us if your child is under 4 years old to discuss risks & responsibilities for your family.
  • Written permission is required from a parent or guardian who is authorized to provide emergency medical care.
  • Children must be under the care and supervision of a responsible adult at all times.
  • At night, parents are expected to take crying or upset children downstairs so that other guests can sleep.


  • Always sign in & sign out as you enter / leave the campus; for safety we keep attendance of who is present at the Lodge.
  • While we encourage you to explore (e.g. snow shoeing, cross-country or back-country skiing), you must sign out with Lodge staff.  There is a blackboard by the basement door to record your names, route, method of travel, time of departure and expected time of return.