How to Get Involved as a Lodge Host

Our lodges are hosted by volunteers called Lodge Hosts. Learn more about how to get involved as a Lodge Host at one of our three lodges
Michelle Song Michelle Song
Volunteer Development Manager
June 29, 2023
How to Get Involved as a Lodge Host
Baker Lodge. By Skye Stoury

Among The Mountaineers properties are our three rustic lodges: Baker, Meany, and Stevens. Each nestled close to their own mountain terrain, our lodges provide a restful atmosphere after a long day outdoors.

  • Baker Lodge is in the heart of the North Cascades, within walking distance of the Mt. Baker Ski Area and numerous hiking trails in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.
  • Meany Lodge is located near Snoqualmie Pass, adjacent to a groomed network of cross-country ski trails and complete with its own rope tow for lift-accessed skiing.
  • Stevens Lodge is located at Stevens Pass, providing ski-in/ski-out access to the Stevens Pass Ski Area, plus easy access to hikers, mountain bikers, and PCT thru-hikers in the summer through fall.

Our lodges are hosted by volunteers who open and close the lodge and keep the building running smoothly. We call these volunteers lodge hosts. They prepare meals, manage the building, and handle guest needs that may arise during a stay. Above all, they ensure a welcoming stay for everyone. It takes a blend of skills to keep a lodge humming harmoniously. Lodge hosts, like our other volunteer leaders, foster emotionally safe environments and are eager to share their time and knowledge.

Lodge hosts also have the opportunity to expand their skillset or learn entirely new skills, such as skiing, carpentry, and building maintenance, to name a few.  Mountaineers lodges remain true to the balance between giving to and receiving from the community that can be found throughout the organization.

What makes a lodge host

Our lodges are always seeking new lodge hosts to join their vibrant community. There are a number of factors that make a great lodge host, and each host brings their own skills, experience, and personality to the role.

Desired traits of lodge hosts:

  • People-oriented
  • A strong desire to help others and a willingness to ask for help
  • Can follow specific directions and procedures to the letter, like opening or closing down the lodge
  • High emotional intelligence and willingness to embrace differences
  • Works toward solutions instead of assigning blame when problems occur
  • Accountable for their own actions and words
  • Eager to collaborate with other lodge committee members
  • Loves the mountain environment in the summer and winter

Tom Hansen, a longtime volunteer and lodge host at Stevens Lodge, shares his personal motivation for volunteering at our lodges:

“How cool is it to be on the inside of everything that is going on at the lodge and the ski area? But that is not the only thing that drives folks to do this. Probably the main one for me is that I get to show others how great it is to be involved with our lodges, and the fantastic life of being with your friends (old, new, just met, whatever) in the mountains doing something you enjoy. Such interesting people, all with great stories. I get to learn from them too! I love sharing my mountain ‘home’ and ‘family’ with the world.”

A look into a hosting weekend

Each lodge has their own unique hosting responsibilities, but a typical hosting weekend begins with opening on a Friday and ends by closing on Sunday. The lodge may stay open through a Monday on a holiday weekend. Typically, it requires two volunteers to host a lodge for a weekend. Couples, families, and individuals are all welcome to host. The lodge committee is familiar with pairing individuals together. The two hosts will share the responsibilities of mechanical operations, meal preparations, and guest assistance. When the lodge is near capacity, it’s great to have more than two hosts. The lodge hosts are expected to be available to provide building and guest support during the duration of their weekend stay. However, a well-organized host can also incorporate time to explore and adventure into their schedule.

Work parties   

The lodges also hold work parties for volunteers to help with repairs and improvements, usually scheduled throughout summer and sometimes into fall. This is a great way to get involved in a smaller capacity, if you’re not able to commit to the full responsibilities of a lodge host. Similar to hosting a weekend, work parties provide a great opportunity for you to contribute to the maintenance of the lodges while meeting new people and enjoying a fun lodge stay. Double check with the work party leaders for volunteer hour credit.

How to get involved

Whether you specialize in painting, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc., you will have a great time helping our lodges run smoothly. Visit a lodge’s committee page and get in touch with their committee leadership to discover how to get started as a lodge host or to join in on the next work party!

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Stevens Lodge

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Looking for other ways to get involved?

We have volunteer opportunities for you! Check out our recently updated Volunteer With Us page to discover the many volunteer opportunities available. Whether your interests are teaching, leading trips, helping at events, supporting stewardship efforts, or serving on a committee, we have opportunities for you to pitch in and make a difference.

If you have any questions, reach out to Member Services at with your specific volunteer interests and they’ll be happy to get you connected.


Adding new volunteer energy helps us stay fresh, ensures that our volunteers are representative of our broader membership, and helps reduce burnout. Volunteer leaders are invited to review our Volunteer Recruitment Made Easy blog to help bolster our community of dedicated leaders.