Crystal Springs SnoPark Instructions

The CrystalSprings SnoPark has been redesigned for 2018. This page explains where the different types of users are expected to park.

The Crystal Springs SnoPark has been redesigned by the State of Washington for the 2018-2019 winter season.

When you enter the lot proceed ALL THE WAY to the back of the lot where the road turns left.    This is the new Meany overnight parking area.

For the Holiday Week and for the first few weekends of the season, we will have committee folks wearing bright vests with flashlights directing folks to the parking area.  Please watch for these volunteers and follow their directions.

After reaching the overnight parking area, please back in to park, with your car at an angle.  This will enable as many cars as possible to park in the area, and make it easier to tow out vehicles that get stuck (experience has shown that getting cars out of the spaces is harder than getting them into the spaces, so we are optimizing for when people leave at the end of a weekend of new snow).  The Rangers that check that all cars have  SnoPark permits also appreciate it when the cars' windshields face the center aisle.

Crystal Springs Parking Lot - follow road until very last left turn.  The Meany Lodge and overnight parking area is there, near the dog-sled parking area.  It is angle parking, and please back in.

Here is a PDF of the map.