Summer/Fall Driving Directions to Meany Lodge

Summer/Fall Driving Directions to Meany Lodge

Driving directions to Meany Lodge for the seasons when there is not snow on the road (May to Nov 15 in a typical year).

Yes, we know the below is an 16 step guide on how to get to Meany. This is mostly informational; there are only 3 important turns marked in bold.

 Cell-phone service is very poor once you drive away from I-90.  If you are depending on a cellphone navigation program or GPS for directions, make sure the entire path is downloaded to your phone before you leave I-90.

Searching for Meany Lodge on Bing Maps or Google Maps  will provide reasonable directions.

Drive I-90 to Exit 62 (Lake Kachees / Stampede Pass).

**Re-set trip odometer to 0.0 miles at four-way stop on the south side of the overpass (e.g. the eastbound I-90 side)**

0.0 miles, head south on Stampede Pass Rd / FR54

0.4 miles, cross Yakima River bridge

1.0 miles, pavement ends

1.2 miles, cross John Wayne bike trail, continue straight.

1.5 miles, bear left at FR 420 (not marked). This road “drops down below” FR 54, and is a narrower road flanked by tall trees.

2.3 miles, reach clearing under power lines.

2.4 miles, cross creek culvert & take second right turn.

2.5 miles, start uphill climb.

2.9 miles, road levels with view of large wooden & metal utility poles.

2.9 miles, follow road though a hard right right (almost 180 degrees) and quickly starts uphill.

3.0 miles, reach train tracks, continue parallel to tracks.

3.1 miles, at stop sign/RR Crossing, make left to cross train tracks

The trains are quiet and fast. Look both ways and especially to your right.  Cross straight across the tracks on the wooden and concrete roadway.  If your car becomes stuck on the tracks: (1) evacuate everyone out of the car and away from the tracks, (2) call the railroad emergency number posted on signs on both sides of the crossing, and (3) then send someone up to the lodge for help.

3.1 miles, cross & turn right and to continue parallel to train tracks.

3.1 miles + 100 feet, bear left, go up steep and narrow driveway.

3.3 miles – reach Meany lodge, park anywhere there is space.

Map to Meany Lodge (c) Bing Maps

Sid Watson
Sid Watson says:
Feb 28, 2018 08:28 PM

You say that cell phone service is very poor after leaving I-90, but you also say to call the railroad if your car gets stuck on the tracks. How do you call the railroad if you have no cell service?

Matt Simerson
Matt Simerson says:
Feb 11, 2020 03:21 PM

#1: Watch where you are driving. If you drive mostly perpendicular to the tracks at the crossing, you don't have to worry about being the 3rd car in 92 years to get stuck on the tracks.

#2: If your carrier is Verizon, the railroad crossing is one of the places you can often get reception. If you have any other carrier, hurry up to the lodge and use the lodge phone (with external antenna) to make the call. Don't leave anyone you love in the car.

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