Winter/Spring Driving Directions to Meany Lodge

Driving directions to Meany Lodge for when there is snow on the road (in a typical year that is November 15 till sometime in April or May)

The road to Meany Lodge is not plowed beyond the Crystal Springs SnoPark.  During the  winter and spring when there is snow or extensive mud on the road (typically Nov 15 till Mar 31), the directions below will take you to the Crystal Springs SnoPark where you will park. 

Please note the State of Washington has redesigned the Crystal Springs Sno-Park for 2018-2019.  Please see the new parking instructions for Crystal Springs Sno-Park.

To get to the Lodge you will need to wait till the next scheduled TomCat run or hike/ski/snowshoe the roughly 3 miles to the Lodge.  TomCat schedule

During the winter, you will need a parking permit.  Crystal Springs SnoPark is a state managed snow park area and requires a either (option 1) a sno-park annual pass with a groomed trails sticker, or (option 2) one or more single-day snopark pass. 

(Lake Kachees / Stampede Pass exit on I-90).

**Re-set trip odometer to 0.0 miles at four-way stop on the south side of the overpass (e.g. the eastbound I-90 side)**

0.0 miles, head south on Stampede Pass Rd / FR54

Go past Crystal Springs Campground, cross bridge, turn right into parking lot. You can’t miss it, the road ends here.

Park on the left (first row) with car facing out.

Display your sno-park pass (with groom trails sticker) on the driver side of your windshield.

Wait for TomCat to come and get you, per the TomCat schedule

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Reza Bouzarjomehri
Reza Bouzarjomehri says:
Nov 25, 2021 11:33 AM

When the lodge will be available to reserve ?